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About Writers, In Response to Don Charisma

I really like Renaissance Musing’s response to today’s opinion post, and yes it was a little long for a comment … thanks for posting, and sending the pingback 😀

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Renaissance Musings

For me, there is never a short answer!

A fellow blogger—I trust I can be called a fellow blogger—asked in a recent post about blog writers:

“IS there a je ne sai quoi, a special something that separates the women from the girls and the men from the boys when it comes to writing?

“Talent ? Skill ? Practice ? Passion ? Enthusiasm ? Creativity ? Empathy ? Intelligence ? Rich parents ? Chocolate ?

“Some of you aren’t writers, some are wannabe writers and some of you are writers – what do you think it is that makes a writer a special snowflake, versus the rest of us?” (Don Charisma, January 8, 2015)

This is my view of writers, in response to Don Charisma’s question. (

To me, there are two major groups of writers: those who write for themselves (and a very tight circle of like-minded readers)…

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