The Buddha Round The Back - Big Buddha Hill

The Buddha Round The Back

Round the side of the top of the big Buddha hill there’s a ‘mezzanine’ area, which most people don’t even have a look at … Well I’m not most people and found another Buddha hidden out of sight …

I don’t know if he’s been built to be painted and he’ll go on display later, or whether he’s a special Buddha for another reason ….

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Taken in Thailand, Asia © Don Charisma

9 thoughts on “The Buddha Round The Back

  1. Nice picture of a statue on what was I’m sure a wonderful trip. Thailand is beautiful. But I’m commenting really on what the woman said about “feeling” the peace coming from him. I don’t have much patience for that, especially from people who don’t know anything about Buddhism. I’m Buddhist. You will find nothing in my home or any of my friends homes that even resembles a copy of Shakamuni. Because to practice Buddhism is not to worship the man, like have pictures of Jesus displayed or crosses on the wall, but to have faith and confidence that the teachings are correct because you see proof in your life. Proof creates faith. Blind faith is idiotic. What changes the life of a person? Worshiping from afar some dead person or making the teachings actually work in your life so you can change your life and be happy with who you are? I realize I’m taking this pretty far off topic. I have the same talk with people who think their actions today don’t matter because they think some guy who died 2000 years ago exonerated them for their actions today. So they hang crosses around their their neck to show that this dead guy still loves “them” – in the physical sense – today -and they are good Christians yet the teachings don’t affect anything they really do in life. There are good teachings in Christianity, don’t get me wrong. I’m not knocking the things that were taught so you could be a good human. I knock the”good” Christians who don’t follow what was taught. The Buddhism in Thailand is the exact same thing. Like saying the cross or pictures of Jesus gives off the feelings of peace. It was just a nice response given no thought. The practioners of Buddhism in Thailand have missed the mark the same way by worshiping the man. If you’d like to see what it means to actually “practice” Buddhism, even out of curiosity, go to Time to go sit and chant now so I can make good use of my day and make a sincere effort to change my life.

    (I used this post to wake up with this morning Don Charisma, so this was my first rant, my brain’s reaction to waking up before the pain killershad a chance to kick in . . .lol )

    love your blog!

    1. Idolatry is practiced almost everywhere in virtually every religion … my personal views are that it’s not right for me, most of the time, but I also see live and let live 😀

    1. Ah, thanks for being honest … and yeah, it varies from day-to-day, good stuff, bad stuff … all the same to me …

      Best place to spread yours would be on my “Share your blogs here :D” page, it’s on sticky and you’re welcome to share there … the page gets a lot of traffic …

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