Gorgeous Sunset Panorama

Fantastic, super sunset panorama, 9 landscape shots merged in Photoshop.

Enjoy 😀

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Taken in Thailand, Asia © Don Charisma

27 thoughts on “Gorgeous Sunset Panorama

  1. Hey Don. This photo is amazing…as are all your other pics. Can you suggest a really good camera for taking blog pics? I currently use my samsung phone camera to take pics, filter it through instagram, then post on instagram and my blogs. Sometimes I also use my Fujifilm EXR, 16 megapixels CMOS but I’m not happy with the quality of pics it takes. Instagram filters are pretty good for pics, but I would rather have a really good camera where I don’t need to edit/photoshop the pics. Does such a camera exist? I’ve heard the Lumix GF5 is pretty good. I would really appreciate some suggestions. Thanks.

    1. I believe in keeping it simple, unless one is a proper geek. The best advice is – “The best camera is the one you always have with you” … in my case it’s my iPhone 4s, which is what 99.9% of the photos taken on my site are from … If I was going to buy a separate camera, which I have looked into, it’d probably be Nikon 1 J4 or Canon EOS-M … reason – they are mini-DSLR cameras, so potentially designed for pros and semi-pros … other considerations are lightweight and compact so that I’m more likely to take it out with me … Also came highly recommended to me is the Sony Alpha range, which are similarly compact and can take shots in extremely poor lighting conditions …

      Nikon photos tend to be more “glitzy” and Canon tend to have more “TV” look to them, can’t explain better without writing 1000s of words about it …

      Fuji I don’t rate since having a long time ago had photos developed onto fuji paper with fuji equipment and extremely disappointed. I turned to Kodak after that for all my prints. Kodak don’t seem to produce pro-camera, so haven’t explored their cameras much.

      So if money was no object (which it is for me), then I’d be researching in more detail those Cameras stated … Nikon, Canon and Sony all have SOLID reputation in photography, most pros I think use Nikon or Canon, except the Elite then you’d be into Hassleblad and obscenely expensive cameras like that ! … it was a semi pro who’d always had decent cameras that put me onto the Sony Alpha …

      1. Thanks for the suggestions Don. I will check out the cameras you mentioned. Keep those stunning pics coming!

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