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Streetscape Towerama, Power Cables And Tower-Blocks

Thai’s do love to put their power cables overhead, much to the disappointment of those who like those unblemished urban views. Personally I reckon they are quite cool, adds a certain something to an urban landscape. Looking around at other places, I notice for instance that London is fairly free from overhead power cables. Downside is that roads are constantly being dug up which causes delays. So there’s definitely good reasons for running cables overhead.

Not to mention the imposing hotel tower-block in the background !

Anyway, it’s a fairly common street-view here in Thailand, mopeds and baht-buses, street stalls and power cables … oh and shoe shops with the air-con on full and the doors left open, I never will understand that one !

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Taken in Thailand, Asia © Don Charisma

12 thoughts on “Streetscape Towerama, Power Cables And Tower-Blocks

    1. Yup, true say that … I’m almost immune to them, ie I don’t really see them … however I do pay them proper respect if I have to go near them, no point in departing this life early due to having been electrocuted 😀

  1. Interesting perspective, Don. One of my favorite places to shoot is Virginia City, NV. The problem here is that the overhead power lines do not enhance the views, and many potentially beautiful compositions are not available as a result. I agree, however, that overhead power lines can make the composition. I’m reminded of the old phrase, “Used properly, they can be your friend.”

  2. Hey, it looks like Chapel Hill! Power lines are all above ground except in the newer developments and every time we have a high wind, ice, or snow, the electricity goes out!

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