Beach Sunset Panorama

Sunset over the bay … six landscape shots merged together …

Enjoy 😀 fantastic photos are available to buy at For our blog readers we’re currently offering a 15% promotional discount – use code dc1406 at checkout.

Taken in Thailand, Asia © Don Charisma

18 thoughts on “Beach Sunset Panorama

  1. Absolutely beautiful, Don. I have no idea, as to the money system you use. I use dollars and cents. Can you give me an equation to translate you money method to mine? 🙂

      1. Well hell, I’m gonna have to learn how to convert American dollars into UK pounds sterling and Thailands baht. Geeez!
        Keep up the great work. What you do is amazing and one day, don’t know when, but one day I will proudly hang one of your photo’s in my office, bedroom, or family room. I’m going to hang it where I can enjoy looking at it, so it will probably go on my bedroom wall. In the mean time, I better get to learning some new math skills. Take care, Donald! 🙂 Peace out and all that other jazz……….
        Wild Thang, Wild Flower, or Tammy, take your pick. 🙂

      2. LOL, I think it al boils down to Paypal these days and they take care of the conversions if needed … and here’s hoping for DC sunsets to brighten up your home … I quite like Tammy, if I’m honest 😀

      3. Thank God for Pay Pal. One day, most definitely, a DC sunset will brighten my home. Until then, I’ll just have to enjoy them on your website. So many to choose from, it won’t be easy choosing. It always brightens my day to look at all of your beautiful photos. Peace out, buddy! 🙂
        Fine! Tammy, it is, for you, anyway. 🙂

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