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Subscriber Maintenance – Following Back – Blog

We made a commitment to follow back anyone who follows the blog. It’s a commitment we intend to keep.

PHEW … that took a lot longer than we expected … but we’re pleased to announce we’re currently following everyone back … so you should get an email shortly 😀

If you don’t get one then feel free to let us know – there’s one or two that didn’t fill in their Gravatar or primary blog, so just doing the best we can …

Thank you *ALL* for your support of the blog, we’re looking forward to many happy times ahead. The best is yet to come.

Warm regards


Comments are invited

Comments are often welcomed, provided you can string a legible, relevant and polite sentence together. In other cases probably best shared with your therapist, or kept to yourself.

75 thoughts on “Subscriber Maintenance – Following Back – Blog

  1. Thank you so much for the follow. I have made it a practice to reciprocate followers too, of course, I am but a small fry in this big ocean of bloggers. Thanks again! 🙂

  2. Don, my hat is off to you, Sir! I don’t know how you do it. I really don’t. I myself follow SO many blogs and I really do try to get to each one’s blog, even if I am not following that one, who comes to Petals. It is near impossible for me to do. I honestly will not sit for the better of a day to do this, although at times I have. There is SO much in my Life other then blogging, that if I told you, YOU would ask ME how I do what I do. Tee hee ….. Have a great weekend!!! Love, Amy

    1. I also reckoned you didn’t sleep to be honest LOL … and yes, I think in the end, you have to write on your blog what you’d like to say to individuals, it’s terribly difficult to give individual attention to everyone … just do our best then I guess 😀

      1. Thank you for noticing, Don, the work I do put in. Some people think I “owe” them individual attention or something like that, and I just shake my head in wonder. Don’t they see? I’m blogging for hours a day, and still some days, not able to keep up. I do my best, I really do, and I really thank you for seeing this. If people would just stop and look at all the comments just on Petals and see how many blogs I get around to, they would understand the effort I put in. Bless you, Don, for your “seeing” and your kindness. Love, Amy

      2. Busy bloggers will understand Amy, it’s a lot of effort and commitment … and the eventual conclusion is to put what you want to say on the front page 😀 … hope all is well D

  3. I am an admirer of your photos (great way to visit places you have never been). I am constantly amazed at the beauty in Gods creation sometimes in ways we would overlook. Thank you for sharing some of these through your work.
    I am honored that you would follow my blog. My hope is that you found something there that would encourage you on your journey.

  4. Thanks a bunch for the follow, Don! I, too, want to follow those who follow me but find this isn’t common on WordPress, as compared with Twitter for example. So know that I really, really do appreciate it! And besides, it’s been too long since our paths have crossed to say hey. Hey 😀

    1. Absolutely Angie, and always lovely to hear from you … I don’t tend to follow convention that much, so I do more of what I want than what I should 😀 … following people who’re following me makes sense to me 😀

      1. Works for me, too. While blog content is valuable, the people who write the content are more valuable to meet. Having reciprocal relationships is a great way to build community! Have a great unconventional week, Don 😀

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