iPhone 6 Disappointing

I guess many of us have been following the lead up to Apple’s release of their new iPhone, announced yesterday and will go on sale in UK and US on 19-Sep-2014.

Talk of virtually indestructible sapphire glass and a higher resolution camera, had me, personally very interested in replacing my iPhone 4s.


I’ve just taken the time to read a bit of the Apple blurb, and in a word, I’m “disappointed” with the iPhone 6 …

Sapphire glass is a no show for the iPhone 6, it’s the safety glass used in the previous models “gorilla glass” which will shatter if you drop it badly or/and don’t use a protector … and it will scratch in your pocket with your keys, coins etc … so the iPhone protector market is safe for a little while longer.

Higher resolution camera was also a no show, Apple are still using 8 megapixel camera. Don’t get me wrong, probably there are improvements in the camera, but, really, pros and semi-pros are using 20-25+ megapixels these days and the gap just widened, again … megapixels aren’t a definitive way to measure clarity and quality of photos, but come on guys I had a Nikon 12 megapixel camera in 2008, 6 years ago …


Price wise, well, Apple are overpriced, the justification for me in spending with them is quality and longevity of their products. They’ve released a 128GB version of the iPhone 6, great, but with a price approaching £800 in the UK, and I guess around $1260 in the USA, basically, it’s expensive, bit too much really, in my opinion. And still Apple have the annoying “no external storage” forcing one to buy more storage built into the iPhone – I do tire a little of Apple’s inability to add a SD card reader …

Phablet schmablet as far as I’m concerned, maybe it’s a guy thing, but I like a phone that fits in my trouser, jeans, shorts pocket and the phablet is probably more of a handbag enhancement. I have an iPad if I want to look at something bigger and a PC if I want to look at it really big. So out of the 4.7″ and 5.5″ screen versions, I’m looking at the smaller screen for more portability, try and keep myself man-bag free as much as possible !


My personal equation is that I’m looking at the iPhone as a camera replacement. Apple have disappointed in the iPhone 6. So not sure if I’ll put the money I would have spent on iPhone 6 towards a compact/mini DSLR, such as Nikon 1, Canon EOS-M or Sony Alpha … Never say never, I might see a good deal on iPhone 6 that suits. IN any case, I’m not rushing an order in for MY iPhone 6, I’ll let the bugs in the phone get ironed out, and see if there’s a deal that comes my way that suits me in a few months.

Another cheap option for me to free up storage for my iPhone photography on my existing iPhone 4S, would be to buy an iPod touch and keep my music on that. 16GB devoted to taking photos at 8 megapixels is more than I can shoot in one go ! Downside is having two devices to carry around, and that brings me back in man-bag territory again …

iPhone 6 looks like it’s NOT available in Thailand, yet, it’s usually a few months behind here, which I expected. It was the same with the iPhone 5 and 5S. So that’s factored in with my no rush approach to buying one.

Lastly, about the look of the phone (and IOS) … Apple seem to be moving the iPhone toward a Samsung-esk look, which in my mind makes them a market follower, not a leader … The first iPhone had more curved feel too it, which Apple dumped for a squarer iPhone in the iPhone 4 … and now back with the curves … make your minds up guys, followers or leaders ?

And as a side note, the Apple “Watch” has been announced, but no pricing that I could see. They do definitely look sleek, sexy and cool, but personally I’m not, yet, in the marketplace for a “Smart-Watch”, doubt that I ever will. The Apple Watch will go on sale in 2015, allegedly …



iPhone 6 = disappointing, I’m not all that excited about buying one now I’ve seen what’s on offer. I like to keep an open mind, so that’s not set in stone, I don’t mind being happily surprised if … so, I’ll see what transpires over the next few months, change my mind I do, sometimes, and without prior notice …

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67 thoughts on “iPhone 6 Disappointing

  1. In India, IPhone 6 will be launched for more than 1000$, its 60,000 indian rupees. We have better options in India with 100 to 500$. Samsung, Xolo, Nokia, Xiomi are the best options.

    1. I expect that for 95% of india’s population $1000 is a great deal of money, it’s a lot of money for me ! … I heard blackberry was very popular in India, probably due to being cheaper … and a regular reader pointed out (in the above comments) a much higher spec offering for $200, Chinese, don’t remember the name … Apple have a massive foothold in USA because of the history of Apple in American culture, other countries, not as much, not as loyal to Apple … I’ve always liked the iphone and the idea behind it, the ipad I could use as a notebook replacement, so they have good ideas, but I’m disappointed in the current offerings, from my perspective … other manufacturers you’ve mentioned, plus Samsung, Haewei etc, can probably produce similar spec products for much less, which I think is what Asia wants and some of the western consumers want too …

      1. I personally like Apple becuase they have good quality Ipods and Ipads. In India, people look for cheaper products and but most of the companies in India such as Karbonn, Swipe, Micromax offer smart phones starting from 50$ only, but they are not quality products. Majority of the people suffer from damages.

        Apple only produced Iphone 5C that was within budget of Indian people, which was starting from 500-600$, ha ha ha haa..

      2. Agreed, quality is/has been one of Apple’s biggest strengths … as for producing the same quality for indian budgets, well, I think that may be a tall order … aren’t there any wealthy Indians who want to get into the phone market ? … I heard about a car made in india that was around only $3000 to buy, did that go ahead ?

      3. Ya, that car is awesome and within budget of middle class people in India. That car is TATA NANO, its dealer price is only 1800$-1900$. On road price comes near to 2800-2900$.

        Its really good option for family of 3-4 people..

      4. Ya, thats right. Its designed specially for Indian people who needs one car in affordable price.

  2. 8 megapixels? Pointless isn’t it?
    I am not a bag person myself – hence the denim uniform daily. Gotsta have them pockets brother! 😉
    Tell you what – clueless I am – still have not owned an apple product. I lie – BoB and teen had an ipod touch – but the screen broke on BoBs – and teens ended up in the loo. They have samsungs now(dunno model hey – the mid range though I am sure!). And they prefer them so they say, unless they are just being polite! LOL!
    As for me – those things are way small to see anything – I just use an old ericsson for calls and texts 😀
    I need big pockets though – so I can have an Ipad. I am ready for an IPad… really. I accept gifts from anyone… 😉 lol.

    1. LOL, you know me hun, only have a little money myself otherwise I’d buy you one …

      I’ve dropped a few phones etc down the toilet, gets expensive real fast, so somehow seem to have managed to stop dropping/breaking my gadgets … go figure !

      Disappointed with the 8 megapixels even if they say tis a new iSight camera, bla bla … megapixels is a metric for comparison, and Apple should have upped it …

      Tom boy ?

      1. Oh I know you cant dear…but hey someone may stumble upon this comment who has money to throw around yeah 😉
        Tom boy… A little 😀
        Though – I DID go buy a dress this week (from the charity shop) – cos I thought I should try set an example or something?? LOL.
        Not sure if I will ever wear it – and if I do – it will have boots to go. See thing is – dresses do not have pockets….
        I actually think it is a defence/protection thing: Saffa – night outs – hardcore styler – no bag snatcher etc. Kinda grew up learning to keep my things on me and appear bigger and tougher than I was.

        Apple – yeah – do they really give a rats? lol.

      2. Makes sense, school of hard knocks and all that … soft side is important too 😀

        It’s possible maybe Suz will win the lottery this week and share the wealth ?

      3. Yes – it does exist.
        Just odd you mentioned as it has been an issue for me lately – I struggle to buy clothes because of my inability to spend money (even if it is there to spend see – and previous mentioned factors – which really is the tip of the iceburg. Softness? – in the eye of the beholder I figure. But yes – it is – very…hence the example thing 😉 Live and learn right?
        Funny how it happens like that.

        Laters dude. Need to go wash my ‘new’ clothes 😉

      4. They say don’t worry too much about the wrapper on the present, but it does make a difference, especially for visually oriented Neanderthals such as myself 😀 Boys will be boys …

        I struggle for similar reasons, clothes I buy for functionality first, style and luxury comes way behind … I’m happy enough in a plain black “T” shirt and beach print shorts, and flip-flop sandals, so my wardrobe bill is generally minimal these days … it’s too hot for “fancy” clothes here anyway …

        Live and learn, everyday !

        Wash, iron and be beautiful 😀 or in my case devilishly handsome ! (not in a dress, I hasten to add)

      5. So they say right.
        I must admit – though in my memory I am fairly sure we have discussed the black top before – but it is my staple colour too. I occasionally don a navy top. Or I go for a lovely sunset orange sweater. And that’s me covered in a leather padded jacket.
        Ohh – I believe we should begin a fashion blog Don. PMSL. Lets see – you can have light black. dark black, black with black or how about… ;)…my day is screwing me around speaking to twits on the phone. Always such a joy.

      6. LEast your actually speaking to twits on the phone, and not some damn computer that keeps on asking stupid questions and then gives you an automated message … but yeah plenty of twits on the phone from almost all companies, offices, government departments in UK … it’s a ray of sunshine when you get through to someone with a personality, always makes me smile !

        Fashion blog, sure I already suggested that to you Belinda, now you’re plagiarising my ideas and trying sell them back to me, naughty you ! … joking aside, could be done, I reckon there’s money in it, it’s the time to set it all up that worries me mostly …

        ok, back to the grind stone, c’ya later aligator …

      7. O shit – yes – LOLOLOL – thanks for the laugh Don! Indeed – you did – I recall this now.
        And – it makes me smile when I DO get a human on the end not a machine (I despair with Those!) and oh how the joy lasts but a twinkle…yet occasionally you want to keep the person on the line because they actually ARE nice.
        I fear I may be doing similar at this time, here. 😉
        I must tell you a funny something to do with the fashion blog thing later. Oddly ironic. Shoot you a QUICK mail.

      8. The most frastrating is the automated “press 1 for” etc, after navigating to a queue for a “real person”, the phone gets cut off whilst waiting … repeat, repeat, repeat … oddly enough leaves me a little annoyed by the time I actually speak to the “real person” … if you want added frustration, then try getting cut off after you’ve explained the whole situation and you think the “real person” has an understanding … back to the “Press 1 for”, wait in queue, and then it’s a different person, have to start again with explaining … ah, the days, hours, weeks those who created such instruments of torture must think I have to piss away !

      9. LOL, did a lot on the phone in the past, so plenty of experience… one of my pet hates … I could write a whole post on it I’m sure … it’s all part of cost savings that’s probably spun as “efficiency” in customer services …

      10. ‘We will answer your call within three rings…’ ha bloody ha. Yes – you will and then…. ‘please press 1 for —and 2 for — and three for —and slam it down when you are pissed off enough at number 11. 😉 I would hate to work in tele work now. Did a switchboard in my ‘earlier days’ …worked better I am sure.

  3. I’m totally cool with the iPhone 6 coming out, because that just means the 5 will be that much cheaper. And it looks like the 6 isn’t that much of an upgrade. So jumping from a 4 to a 6 seems pretty stupid when I can buy a 5 with more storage for a lower price, and it works just as well. Apple’s not gonna do well with this phone, I think the iPhone 5s was their greatest and this could be their downfall, unless they come out with a super cool new version of the 6 with even more to offer than your usual, 8 megapixel camera, laced-with-gold kind of iPhone. Apple’s reliable, but just not exciting anymore.

    However, if I ever switched to a Samsung, my head would explode. So yeah. The only thing I’m excited for about the iPhone 6’s release, is the price drop on the 5. And I could care less about having the latest phone out there, especially in this case. iPhone 5 will do just fine. *Fist pump in the air*

    1. Yup, with you on that, if it’s not really much of an upgrade, then the cheaper iPhone 5s becomes a more attractive proposition …

      Not entirely convinced this will lead to fall of the Apple empire, but would be nice to see something iPhone wise from them that’s cutting edge and outstanding, which is what Apple’s supposed to be all about, right ?

      Switching to Samsung would be a big leap for me too … I can just about navigate the Android, but didn’t really like it compared to IOS …

      So I’m still pro Apple, just disappointed with their latest offering, camera especially as I use the camera a lot to take photos as you know !

      1. True with the camera! They could at the very least improve their cameras, especially with all the technology other phones are boasting. Like that new LG phone. I’m totally still pro Apple, frankly the other phones don’t have the quality of Apple and I just can’t navigate them. :p
        I have a feeling they won’t stop here with the iPhone 6. But I think now is a good time to really spice things up for Apple. I like variety I guess, and all of their products are mushing into one Apple monster to me. Haha. But, if the quality’s there, it’s there.

        This must be one of those first world problems I keep hearing about.

      2. LOL, yes third world souls concerned about where their next meal’s coming from and first worlders stressing over which iPhone to buy … food for thought !

        Anyway, no rush in any of this, I’ll get a deal that suits when the time comes 😀

      3. Hahah, kinda feel like a horrible person right now. Maybe I should write about this. :p

        Good luck with your phone situations!

      4. LOL … ah, whoops didn’t mean for that to happen … writing about it would help raise awareness, so good idea …

        Same, good luck sailing aboard HMS Apple …

  4. I went with the 4S last year because it was cheaper than the 5 (and I preferred the look and size) however I still have a year left on my contract so the 6 will just have to wait until need an upgrade. At least by then they should have ironed out any bugs that may turn up.

  5. Apple is the only phone I’ve been able to keep from destroying by my abuse.
    Most phones I’ve had lasted less than a year.

    My daughter switched phones just before the 5s she hated the switch as soon as possible went back to the iPhone. She had too many issues. Many of the others have bells and whistles but the quality isn’t there still. I’ve had my 5 since it came out and have dropped it numerous times including the bathtub and pool and it still works fab.

    Not crazy about 6 new suez but apple is trying to gain back the lost business to others. Personally I don’t want to walk around with a mini iPad at my ear.
    The Samsung’s look stupid sorry. Just my opinion. The Man & I are both due for new phones and I’m not sure if I will just go for the 5s or nor the 6 will have to see it in person.

    1. Agreed, all (two of) my iphones have lasted, and even I’m actually very careful, but occasional drops and things … yet to drop an iphone in water, and considering I have to pay full price as I don’t have a contract, that’d be very unlikely, pretty paranoid of iphone + water !

      My friend went Samsung for a while, then moved back, quality isn’t the same I’m sure and like you say a mini-ipad next to the ear, well it’s not very elegant … bluetooth headset might be the answer, but never liked using them much either …

      Samsungs are just as, if not possibly more popular here in Asia, so I’m used to them looks wise … iphone, even with them trying to compete with Samsung still better looking device …

      Someone else suggested 5s may drop in price, so I may look at that if it comes time to upgrade … also will look at putting my music onto an ipod touch to free up iphone space, which may well be cheaper than an iphone 6 … alls up in the air anyway, and no rush to decide, so I’ll take it as it comes 😀

      Definitely have a look at the 6 when it’s in shops here, if only to have a look …

      1. I thought I read the 5s was dropping to 99$ here that’s with a contract.
        Samsung’s may be more popular here as well due to the price and extra bells and whistles plus the ability for those who like to jailbreak etc.

        As for the iPhone and water the bag of rice works wonders mine have spent way too much time in it. Lol as long as it is put in right away no delay and left overnight.

        The prices here with contracts for the 6(+) with contracts are surprisingly less than they have been starting @ 299$ not sure cash price but that’s still lower than previous contract prices I believe.

        As you say with that much output no rush on this one. I am very interested in the watch though it looks sweet I liked the pebble but apple …

      2. Quite possible it’s $99 on a contract for 5s, hopefully off-contract price will drop too once they’re in full fling selling the 6 …

        I’ve got access to the US site and saw dollar prices. When I looked into buying one (in the past) from the US my uncle told me they are pre-tax prices in the US and by the time we’d added all the US taxes it wasn’t that much cheaper in the US than UK. For some reason Apple do seem to add an extra premium for UK purchases, don’t know why, perhaps UK customs and excise are taking an extra import duty “cut”/”backhander”/”bribe” … or perhaps Apple feel people in the UK have more money to spare than Americans … I honestly don’t know …

        Thanks for the thing about the rice I didn’t know that one and hopefully will never need it !

        In the old days I used to remove the battery from the phone and leave it to dry for 24 hours, but iphone battery can’t easily be “got at” … so bag of rice it looks like it is 😀

  6. I am an Apple devotee. I’m thrilled with the iPhone 6 Plus – I think my contract is nearly up on the 5 so I will be upgrading. Apple Pay is only going to be available on the new iPhone I think and that is definitely a selling point for me. I had already heard that the Sapphire glass had some production issues so would not be available on the new iPhone yet.

    Since I have a MacAir and an iPad and an iPhone, it is wonderful that they all talk to each other seamlessly. I just wish Verizon would have the feature of starting a call on one and completing it on another. Hopefully they will do that soon.

    And I couldn’t comment and not say something about the iWatch – iWantIt, iNeedIt 🙂

    1. LOL, so you’re fully iPamela then 😀 … glad to hear someone’s happy with Apple’s latest and greatest, a bit of a contrast makes my opinions shine, so thanks for that … Thailand’s pretty much cash based, so an iWallet (or a McWallet) wouldn’t help me much here !

      Verizon, couldn’t possibly comment (spent zero time in USA recently) … I use TrueMove in Thailand and O2 in UK, both are adequate. I’m not as yet technologically skilled enough to start a call on one device and finish on another, but I’m a quick learner 😉 Other thing is I can’t see why I’d need to do that, but perhaps once I’ve done it I’ll wonder why I was never able to do it before ?

      Good luck with your upgrade, hopefully not too many bugs and teething issues in the iPhone 6 and IOS 8 😀 … I’m sceptical, but who knows maybe they nailed it this time ?

      I’m interested to see how the Apple Watch develops, something new and innovative at least … maybe the iPhone 7 will get the indestructible screen ?



      1. LOL, slippery to keep people buying new phones, perhaps 😀 … or maybe people are just magpies at heart, and like shiny things !

        And yes, indestructible screen – did you hear about the Sapphire producers’ stock getting massively dumped today, dropped 13% after the announcement I heard !

  7. I have had a 4s for a while and it’s time for my upgrade. I am trying to decide whether to do the 6, but I really want an iPad. Besides, the 4s gives me little trouble and I see no reason to change phones. I was hoping that with this new release Apple would drop the prices of their products, but the iPad is still too expensive for me. Did it ever occur to Apple to drop prices on their older products for more sales? I would have bought a Mac too but I went with a less expensive option that i like just as well.

    1. Same for me, I looked at a $3200 macbook pro before purchasing my $900 laptop … happy enough with the $900 laptop to be honest, does all I need …

      I think Apple’s pricing policy is “reassuringly expensive”, so never say never, but I doubt they’ll be entering a price war on smartphones anytime soon …

      It was/is my understanding the the older models do drop in price at some point after Apple release new products, so I might have a look at an iPhone 5s instead of 6, which would be cheaper …

      I’m not on a contract, haven’t been for years, so I have to pay the full price for whatever I buy, I save money over the lifetime of the phone as I don’t use much top-up credit (skype and facetime, yay !)

  8. Shame they didn’t go for using sturdier glass. Nothing worse than having a cracked screen, as my iPod will attest to.

    Apple’s products are crazy expensive for what they are. Slowly their fanbase are starting to go migrate elsewhere for better deals.

    1. Agreed … and agreed, as Rajiv pointed out there’s a Chinese smartphone that sounds pretty awesome for $200 …

      Never say never though, there’s a lot I do like about my current iPhone, it’s just whether it’s worth “upgrading” at the price on offer … thumbs down currently on that one !

  9. Well… You just expressed my thoughts. From the high class and high leaders they were, now they become stubberned followers with no fresh ideas but with lots of ideas to sue people. Jobs surely is spinning like a fan in his tomb for the 5.5 iPhone, when his directive was iPhone with one hand.
    And hardware? Is like I’m looking at a mid price specs sold for a high end luxury phone. The actual design remind me of a failed mix between Sony and HTC.
    The watch? Again a late decision when guiding lines were already made. Even the cheapest of smartwatches is better looking – Asus Zenwatch.
    Who is going to buy these things is either an avid follower, or a blind buyer. I don’t see why one should throw out the window money with which you can buy better phone and smartwatch and accessories at the same price, like LG G3 plus G watch R plus that tiny printer to print photos on the go.

    1. Can’t disagree with anything you’ve said …

      Personally I’ll keep an open mind and see how things develop, so my opinions not set in stone …

      Apple could do with reducing their prices and upping their specs for sure OR produce something cutting edge, that might be worth paying £700 for …

      RIP Jobs 😀

  10. I agree, since the passing of Jobs, Apple has lost what made it great – being the leader in technology rather than a follower. I see no reason to pay the extra for a 2nd best. Hopefully, when I am ready to ditch the 4s, things will have changed.

    I am surprised that no one has created an app to use the camera connection kit for exporting. Maybe a hardware limitation?

    First Night, I would go with the 4s, prices are very low, it’s still the most popular (more than even the 5).

    1. Yes, does seem to have veered away from innovation, perhaps they’ll move back there later …

      There are various options, hacks, addons for extra external storage, none of which work as well as a micro-SD card slot would …

      And agreed iPhone 4s is still good, might be cheaper than the 5s once prices have adjusted themselves …

      1. It is a Chinese phone. In India it is sold only via an online retailer called Flipkart. It seems that they sold their entire stock (for India) of 60,000 phones in one minute. It costs 200 USD in India. My cousin has one, and it looks cool!

      2. 1,200 USD? Bloody hell! That is freakishly expensive. Yes, I saw that figure on your post, and it gave me a heart attack. When I saw it now, I had one more heart attack!

      3. Yup, my laptop cost £550 so nigh on £800 for a iPhone 6 plus 128GB, little bit expensive to say the least …

        You can relax though, you don’t have to buy one !

    1. 😀 … having held the iphone 5s it’s much lighter and thinner than my iPhone 4s, so that’d be my recommendation … and yes, I hadn’t thought of buying a 5s and saving money that way, thanks you’ve given me an extra idea when I come to purchase … presumably iPhone 5s will still be available and cheaper than the 6 …

      The latest version of IOS 7 seems pretty OK and stable, and required for Facetime to work properly (I have friends who haven’t upgraded their IOS and I can’t call them on Facetime) … I can’t comment on IOS 8, but expect they’ll have a load of bugs in the first few releases, so might be worth holding off on upgrading to IOS 8, if you can …

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