Extra Skinny Sunset Panorama Beach PS (1w-x-3h-P)

Extra Skinny Beach Sunset Panorama

I love panoramas. The joining multiple photos to get a photo of a wider area appeals to me …

One of the problems with posting a pano is that the wider it is the more ‘slitty’ it looks on the page. My experiment, extra tall, extra skinny, that way it takes up more space on the page, not less …

So here’s my first extra skinny panorama – a beach sunset with silhouette palm trees, beautiful yellow shimmer on the sea 🙂

Enjoy 😀 fantastic photos are available to buy at For our blog readers we’re currently offering a 15% promotional discount – use code dc1406 at checkout.

Taken in Thailand, Asia © Don Charisma

27 thoughts on “Extra Skinny Beach Sunset Panorama

      1. My goodness. My luck is changing. 😀 😀
        In one week, I have been paid a compliment by OM and had a point conceded to me by you!! rofl.
        I wonder if I would be pushing my luck to buy a lottery ticket?

      2. LOL, well you know you’ll only be lucky if you share the winnings 50/50 with me, so do bear that in mind when you’re planning what to spend your/our $250million on LOL … oh and when you’re buying the ticket !

        Not exactly “conceding”, would imply some sort of competitive spirit in our conversation, which wasn’t present from my end … more just agreeing with a friend’s guidance … or am I playing the wrong game, again ? or playing the game wrong for that matter, LOL

        Compliments from OM, wonders will never cease … *kidding* of course, OM has always had the utmost of good manners towards me …

      3. You know me well enough to know that I am kidding right?
        Not sure I’m for the sharing bit on the lottery ticket though. Depends how much I win and all that. With my luck, you’d be sharing a win of $5 or something. lol

      4. LOL, yup Suz, and you know me well enough to know I joke around with you too … so we’re even !

        For lottery win, LOL, well I can always dream of a kind friend winning and sweeping my money woes away … but odds as they are, it’ll probably remain a dream … fingers crossed, eh 😀

      5. Sweet dreams and all that pizazz … damn I must be tired, when I start spelling words I’ve never written before, correctly first time … zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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