The Egg Man

This guy sells boiled or baked eggs on the beach. He’s got a bamboo frame that has suspended two baskets – it’s his mobile shop. You often see these mobile sellers in Thailand, selling all kinds of things, generally a bit of food, or sunglasses or for the ladies, magpie blingy stuff, hairbands etc

I don’t reckon he’s making huge money, but I guess it must be a modest living, and he is working rather than begging or worse 🙂

I’m not an egg lover, but my girlfriend likes them.

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Taken in Thailand, Asia © Don Charisma

10 thoughts on “The Egg Man

  1. You should have photo-shopped a walrus into the photo. I am the eggman. I am the walrus. Goo goo goo joob.

  2. What a beautiful country and I appreciate you sharing your photos. Amazingly, they have the egg man in Lima, Peru where I lived for a time.. They usually had carts, though. Eggs are a good and cheap source of protein–they put a fried egg on just about everything. Again, thanks for sharing.and I’m so glad Heather got an internship with you. Lucy

    1. You’re welcome Lucy … and yes I think eggs are good low cost source of protein for sure, the Thai’s also like to slap them on anything and everything if you’re not careful !

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