Eight Headed Dragon – Big Buddha Hill

There are Two Eight headed dragons 200 feet long that guard the staircase up to the big Buddha.

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Taken in Thailand, Asia © Don Charisma

27 thoughts on “Eight Headed Dragon – Big Buddha Hill

      1. 😀 yes I was thinking of Medusa, probably from clash of the titans … Greek mythology is fascinating, although I’m more of a movie watcher than a reader …

      2. You’re welcome 😀 Greek mythology is very interesting, the stories encompass a wide range human experience by some highly intelligent authors … and yes internet a mixed blessing in some ways ! 100 years ago, I’d have had to have been a reader … I like movies, and TV as a medium, like to see how they imaginative parts are demonstrated 😀

    1. LOL … I’m sure some research would yield the mysteries of Asian folklore such as dragons … Dragons in asia do often seem to have a serpent like appearance, or could be they actually call it something else …

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