Tree Canopy Towerama

Here’s the same tree from yesterday, but with a very tall angle on things !

WordPress seem to squash my tall images in the reader for some reason, no idea on the rationale behind that, just seems a bit stupid … but hey ho I’m sure they know what they are doing squashing art … mine’s not to reason why …

Enjoy 😀 fantastic photos are available to buy at For our blog readers we’re currently offering a 15% promotional discount – use code dc1406 at checkout.

Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma

6 thoughts on “Tree Canopy Towerama

  1. Hi Don!

    It’s still beautiful!

    You think WordPress is bad? Twitter suspends me every time I try to sell MY art (a novel). And they wonder why Twitter is doing badly.

    Anyway, Don, your art’s beauty shines through on WordPress!


    1. Hey Stan … this one slipped through the net somehow … I blamed wordpress !

      And yes I can imagine … it’s all about the money at the end of the day, twitter, fb etc don’t like you promoting yourself, because you didn’t pay ’em …



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