Stormy Beach Sunset Panorama

It’s rainy season here in Thailand … I really like this sky on many levels, the sun trying to break through on the right to the rope effect clouds on the left …

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Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma

46 thoughts on “Stormy Beach Sunset Panorama

    1. LOL, being English we don’t know what a typhoon is … I think it’s just a really heavy storm … and no, not really, all storms I’ve seen so far here are probably not typhoons !

      1. So you do get a lot of storms? I must admit that I thought a typhoon was tornado except it was over water. What is the difference?

      2. No idea, I’m not a storm expert … it’s rainy season here at the moment, so there’s been a few storms, but they aren’t particularly notable apart from the calming system at the beach has been washed ashore !

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