Internship Update #4

Heather, our technical writer intern has kindly sent me over an update.

I feel it’s important to keep readers updated on how it’s going, and so Heather can share what experiences she’s had in our intern program.

Heather’s words :

“Another week and another round of researching, writing and editing to be done!

As much as I’d like you all to think that I’m a ready-made expert in the topics I’m writing about, the truth is that I’m not. I have a basic understanding of a lot of the elements that go into web design, web development, SEO optimisation etc. but the more technical side of things has been a learning curve for me and one that I’m happy to see has benefitted others too.

I don’t believe that one has to be an expert on a subject to be able to write about it but you do need to do your homework when it comes to topics you only have a rough knowledge of. That means sitting down at your desk, up to your eyeballs in data, facts, figures and technical jargon while consuming caffeine like there’s no tomorrow….

Juggling research, editing, writing and a full time job is not for the faint-hearted, so I guess it’s a good thing that I like to have a lot on my plate at any one time. Not only is keeping busy a good thing for me, all of the researching is giving me a much broader knowledge base from which to write subsequent articles.

The way I approach writing a technical article is to treat it as if I were explaining the subject to a friend over coffee, rather than taking on the role of teacher to get my point across. Some of the aspects of web design, development etc. can seem pretty daunting to some folks and my aim is to make the content of my articles seem approachable as well as understandable. I don’t want to talk down to readers, but neither do I want to come across as if I am lecturing them either, so it’s a fine line trying to find a suitable balance between the two.

The response to the series so far has been very positive and it’s a wonderful feeling to know the first article was so well received. Long may the success continue!

Update from Don

I’ve been sitting on this one for a few days – it’ll be the last update from Heather.

Due to a shift in priorities, sadly Heather’s other commitments mean that she hasn’t the time to devote to our project, so she’s left the intern program as of today. We will publish the articles that she’s completed over the coming weeks on

Thanks Heather for being a really good sport, a hard worker, and really pushing the project forward with 100% of your efforts.

Danny and I wouldn’t hesitate to give you a glowing reference in the future, if ever you should need one.

Thanks again Heather and good luck for the future … don’t be a stranger 😀

Warm regards

Don Charisma – you dream it we built it … because – “anything is possible with Charisma”

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Pen & Paper – morgueFile

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