Balcony Sunrise Panorama

I took this way back last year, it was one of my first stitched panoramas …

Still a very cool shot !

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Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma

34 thoughts on “Balcony Sunrise Panorama

      1. Well, it’s photoshop I think that did do it – it’s multiple shots stitched together … I usually use this type of projection as I get to keep more of the photos … with the perspective projection, a lot of the photos on either sides have to be cropped to get a rectangular finished image, because it stretches those in a big way … more detail than you wanted probably !

      2. I am an amateur photographer, my spouse is a professional and I have several professional photographers in my family. It is nice to know that others have the same issues and the unique ways they solve them 🙂

      1. Oh lie lie – I am sure you are always beautiful dear…even with dark circles under thine eyes.
        Um – who is the chick and the dude again in this equation?
        Night Don 😉
        Sleep loose.

      2. I do alright, happy enough dear … I can improvise either way hun, I’m adaptable, sometimes … anyway, gotta get some zeds for tomorrow I’m taking over the world …

        And thanks, didn’t know you cared !

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