Urban Sunrise

I took this recently, on a rare occasion that I was out and about at stupid-o-clock

… for reasons of making a long road trip !

I like this particular shot because of the birds I caught on my lens 😀


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Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma

50 thoughts on “Urban Sunrise

  1. Are you always positioning yourself to get every single day the sunrise or sunset? You have it down to a science. I´m sure you know by now that at minute X of X hour the sun will be 20 degrees more up or down

      1. haha, not that wild…but doing good thanks! I’ve been squeezing in a lot of photos lately. I’ve missed your posts but I know life gets in the way sometimes. Hope you’re doing well!

      2. LOL, alls well then … good to hear your doing what you love … there’s been a couple of things kept me away from the blog, but getting back to it now 😀

  2. Nice great reflex. I have wanted to get birds into my picture almost every-time but I’m too slow.

      1. Hi man BTW are you alright with the VISA. new rules since a while ago. many long-staying expats I know say: Thailand is over for us we are going to Cambodia or Latin America.

      2. New rules don’t come into effect till 12-aug … after 12-aug you may need to carry an itinerary for travel plans and proof of 20000 THB money, if on a tourist visa, and doing border run … or do a TEFL course, or do a Thai language course, then no border runs for 12-15 months … don’t listen to ex-pats too much, most of them are morons, they moan about everything, except the ones that are cool !

      3. Wow I felt I got everything in this post. Haha very often I leave them when they go into that 2 hours non-stop moaning. so I want to do That TEFL course or Thai language to be able to stay.do I just pick any?I’m still awake. not sure if I will watch live football on TV today. with the time difference from Brazil here. Haha. Its often too late games.

      4. LOL, thai language or TEFL course will give you an ED visa, if it’s your first one then you’ll get 15 months to stay, the school gets the 3 month stamps for you so no border runs … there are plenty of schools that do them, thai course would be around 25K baht all in, TEFL is more like 40K baht … you’d probably be OK on a tourist VISA, but I think it would be prudent to carry a travel itinerary and a proof of having funds when you go to border … mainly they are after people who are in thailand working illegally from countries like korea and russia, because it takes jobs away from thai people … I don’t think that’s you, so hence the “you should be OK” … it’ll be tougher for a while, but they’ll relax it again as soon as it starts to hurt because tourists don’t come, a few months I was told last time … cross reference several ex-pats stories eventually you’ll figure out who the good ones are !

      5. Thanx man. perhaps later I will ask you some crazy questions about your experience in Thailand. and link from my blog to your blog 🙂

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