Thai Wasp

Sometimes I photograph wildlife … Wasps are one of my least favourite creatures, however this one had either died or was busy drinking nectar …

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Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma

31 thoughts on “Thai Wasp

    1. yes, this one had more colours than the other shots I took … it’s also interesting to see in the 9 or so shots the different ways the camera interprets the colours due to slightly different angles

      1. That’s something we art teachers try to teach young artists – that the “last dab of color” might not be the last, because it will impact the colors around it and might require attention to a new area of the painting. Of course, at some point a painting must be declared “done,” and you move on to a new work. You saw the effect in your photographs.

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      1. OMG…ever since I saw Jaws when I was 16, I’ve been afraid to get in the ocean. You should’ve seen me in Mexico. It really took me a lot of time to get up the nerve to snorkel and I’m a very good swimmer! As long as it’s in a chlorinated pool with a line down the middle LOL

      2. LOL, healthy respect of sharks, I’m the same … but I only ever saw one here in Thailand with all my diving, and I just saw in the other direction …

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