Sophie Has Leukaemia

It’s a testament to the good people I know to have people like Brian in my circles. Brian is a good man, caring father and leader in his work. We used to work together many moons ago, it’s how I know him.

I sent him a ping over the internet recently, it’d be too long since we spoke. Last time I saw him in person, I was having a challenging time myself, he took time out from his work to buy me lunch and a couple of beers. We had a chat as friends, which at the time meant the world to me.

He messaged me back on Facebook, it came as quite a shock to hear that his young daughter Sophie has Leukaemia. I didn’t know what to say, felt like I’d put my foot in my mouth really, what does one say ? Brian’s a good hearted guy and probably realised that I had little experience in relating in this situation.

I asked if their was anything I could do to help. He said simply – “keep posting those lovely photos”. So I did/am/continue to post my photography, which people often tell me inspires and makes their days happier. I enjoy doing them anyway, so it’s win-win.

It came to me later that there is something I could do to help – I have a blog with more than 30000 followers, if he (and his family) wanted, I could help spread awareness and help them raise money for the charity. I mentioned it to Brian, I wasn’t sure whether he’d want the publicity, for me it’s the same either way, I’d help in this way if he wants, or not if he doesn’t.

Brian said he’d like me to help, so here we are. That’s already far too much about Brian and I, I just wanted to fill you in the background why part. This is for Sophie ….


Sophie was diagnosed with Leukaemia last year in October. I can only imagine how devastating this must have been for her whole family, whom I know a little through Brian – Vicky, Joe, Tom and Sophie.

Leukaemia is a blood or bone marrow cancer. The issue is an abnormal increase in the levels of immature white blood cells in the body. I’m definately no expert, but it’s a serious and life threatening illness. One of the treatments is Chemotherapy, which kills cancer cells, but also kills healthy cells, which why people lose their hair during their treatment.

From Brian’s Facebook page (you may need to visit my blog to see this, not sure if it will show in email) :

From Brian’s fund raising page on :

Sophie was diagnosed with Leukaemia in October 2013. Sophie has been facing the biggest challenge she will ever face. The survival for life. Please help Sophie and the family raise funds for Leukaemia Research so we can help improve cancer treatments and increase survival rates for future patients.

Since Sophie started her treatment 6 months ago she has spent 40 nights in hospital she has had 11 blood transfusions, 30 days on steroids, 151 days of Chemo treatment, 70+ blood extracts, 21 leg injections, 11 general anaesthetics and Lumber punctures, 4x Bone marrow extracts. General surgery for insertion of the Hickman line. 25 Hickman dressings, 7 X-rays, 18 infusions of antibiotics and she has been neutropenic and housebound for 80+ days and she is still smiling. She has lots more of the same to come, please support Sophie’s amazing bravery by making a small donation.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my Just Giving page

Donating through Just Giving is simple, fast and totally secure. Your details are safe with Just Giving – they’ll never sell them on or send unwanted emails. Once you donate, they’ll send your money directly to the charity. So it’s the most efficient way to donate – saving time and cutting costs for the charity.

Obviously if you’re able to give anything that would be marvellous, but there’s absolutely no pressure from me or Brian, they’ve already reached and exceeded their original target. have a deal with the government for UK donations, whereby the government will give 25% extra as some kind of tax relief for charitable donations.

Brian is running the fundraising to be doing something to help. I’m writing this because Brian has proved himself to be a really good friend over the last 10+ years, he’s always taken the time for me. So I want to help Brian spread awareness, and perhaps raise a little money. It’s the little that I can do to help.

Lastly just to say that I wish that Sophie will get better soon. My warmest regards to Sophie and her family.

Please do give a little if you want to, no obligation. I’m sure Sophie and her family would be happy to just to receive kind comments and well wishes 😀

Warm regards

Don Charisma

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81 thoughts on “Sophie Has Leukaemia

  1. I’m not as adorable as Sophie but have the Leukemia thing common and was diagnosed last year in April. I can understand the pain for parents as I’m a parent as well. I will keep Sophie in my thoughts as I pass through this myself!

  2. Many years ago a girl who I knowed died with leukaemia when she was 14 years old. Was terrible for me and for other classroom copes, for her friends… all the school was schocked because she had galopant leukaemia and nobody could help her to save her life. My best wishes and my powerful positivims for her and her family.

  3. Don, having recently faced a similar diagnosis, I want to applaud you. We get many sincere people who express a desire to help. Like your friend, we don’t know what to tell them to do. It is all so overwhelming. But the ones (like you) who just DO something within their power mean the most. It may be little, it may be big – that doesn’t matter. It matters that you didn’t wait and stepped out there in love and action. I will be praying for Sophie and her family as they travel this heartbreaking road.

    1. Hey Mark, thanks for your kind words. It’s really the little that I can do, to spread awareness and perhaps raise a little money for the charity. You’re prayers are welcomed. And obviously my sympathies for your situation.

      Warm regards


  4. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for posting this. As a cancer survivor, I know how important it is for support and love in any way possible for this beautiful little girl and her family. Your sharing her struggle is a great way to help when you can’t find anything else to say or do. She will be in my thoughts.

  5. What a kind hearted and good friend you are. She’s a beautiful lite girl and I will praying for all of you. I recently became a bone marrow donor because of this child that lives here in Oregon with leukemia and my more rare blood type. I will share it on my Facebook

      1. Little*** oops(: I hate when I do that! Keep it up!! Nobody gets a gold star for having a good heart but remember to give yourself one. I try to help ppl all the time and I love it. I wish I was wealthy so I could help like that.

  6. The Big “C” is a bitch. A friend of mine was having chemo late last year and he caught a bug and it took his life, The3 chemo had destroyed his immune system.
    Sophie looks like a lovely little girl.
    Good luck with it all.

  7. It is a beautiful thing you are doing. I recently heard Dr. Joe Dispenza speak on the placebo effect and his interesting break throughs in healing, it may be worth exploring his work. Light & love and I am definitely sending healing energy & love Sophie’s way:)

  8. Reblogged this on kanzen sakura and commented:
    Don Charisma posted this about a friend of his whose daughter has been diagnosed with leukemia. Links and Facebook info – allof that. Let’s show the kindness of unstrangers…

  9. I wish you and Brian luck with this. I am no stranger to Leukaemia and it is horrid. I have raised money by shaving my head in the past and I also door knock and collect each year for the Leukaemia Foundation.
    Give my love to this brave man and tell him I wish him all the best.

  10. Reblogged this on Family Answers Fast and commented:
    There is so much good in this post, Sophie Has Leukemia, please do read. I’m touched when I witness friends helping friends, neighbors helping neighbors, families helping families. I consider Don Charisma a social media friend and his friend’s daughter Sophie needs help. When friends, family, and community come together in love and generosity, miracles happen. There are many ways to support families in their time of need such as providing financial donations, sharing gifts and talents, making time to be available and supportive, and praying with all your heart. Thanks for reading and considering how you can help. My support is with all who love and care for Sophie ❤

  11. Thank you for posting this about Sophie, she is a very strong and adorable girl. God Bless her and her family.

  12. Good post, Don, hope all goes well for Sophie and her family, they’ll have a lot of people behind them wishing them well. Donation given – great to see such generosity and goodwill. Reminds you of the kindness and goodness in people rather than the bad news stories you see so often.

  13. I am overwhelmed how God has/is using your blog. I will add Sophie to my prayers. Thank you for continuing to share, you have a very compassionate heart!

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