Stormy Sparkler Balcony Sunset

This has got to be the exception, absolutely stunning sunset off of my balcony prior to going out to beach …

It’s a sparkler because the tower looks like pyrotechnics going on on it’s pinnacle.

Enjoy 😀

Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma

64 thoughts on “Stormy Sparkler Balcony Sunset

    1. LOL, I know it’s in a nice way so I don’t mind … and maybe I’ll take a photo of balcony so others can see it’s not that glamorous, or maybe I’ll just be mysterious !

  1. Dal tuo balcone si vede sempre un gran bel cielo; questo, ad esempio, é assolutamente affascinante.. annuncia tempesta eppure quello squarcio di luce cattura l’attenzione… Grazie per questo cielo, Don

    1. You’ve sent me an award … and no didn’t get a pingback, you need to link to a page or post on the other person’s blog (to send a pingback), I normally use their about page …

      and thanks 😀

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