Vijay Shah Added To Don Charisma’s Friends Page

I’m choosy about who goes on my friends page, and as yet haven’t made a bad judgement call. These people are all lovely charismatic bloggers, each has shown some extra special merit for my calling them friends. All are a credit to the blogging community without exception.

I’ll keep adding people as and when I get a spare moment, which seems rare at present 🙂

Vijay studied journalism and lives in North West London, England. He’s been an avid reader of the blog pretty much right from the get go.  He is a very charismatic personality, and in recognition of his excellent writing and blogging, I’m adding him to my friends page. He’s often retweeting my posts, which doesn’t go unnoticed, so this is also partly by way of a thankyou.

You are a cool guy Vijay and credit to the WordPress communty 😀 Do feel free to reblog this …

Check Vijay out at the Half-Eaten Mind blog


Don Charisma

12 thoughts on “Vijay Shah Added To Don Charisma’s Friends Page

  1. Don….what can I say…I am blushing like anything here 🙂

    Thank you so so so much for this wonderful post. I just love the way you have made this succinct bio of me and given it that unique Don Charisma touch. It is great to have known and welcomed into the HEM Community such a great blogger as yourself. You are truly an inspiration, both personally and generally in the blogging world and your talents have always been highly regarded. Not only are you charismatic, but a true friend and role model.

    Incredibly honoured.

    PS: Currently I’m actually living in east London, but its no biggie 🙂

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