Street Food 3

This lady is selling and cooking meats and fish …

Enjoy 🙂

Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma

52 thoughts on “Street Food 3

  1. I enjoy your photographs in general, but perhaps especially those that show street life in Thailand–including the elephants in the next photograph. You’re recording a common life that seems uncommon to those of us in the world who do not live in Thailand.

  2. Do you buy from street vendors at all? I would be concerned. Although as someone who loves to photograph people, this lady would be right up on my list of interesting people to photograph.

    1. I leave the street negotiations to my mrs, if at all possible … she knows where to get a decent Phad Thai 😀 … markets make good photos, a suggestion from a reader …

      1. They make an excellent source of photos. When I travel (if I ever travel) I intend to focus my photography on the everyday things in the towns more than the touristy photos.

  3. Mmmmmmm…looks yummy!!

    Had a burger for lunch with my wife. Now I’m going to have pizza for dinner. These street food photos are wonderful but they’re killing my diet.

    Keep them coming, though. They’re great photos and I’ll find some way to salvage my diet.

    Best Regards,

      1. Lol, I think they should give it go I am sure they will change their mind. There is something about street food, a specific flavour that you will never reproduce in your kitchen! Well, I have tried to but never succeeded 100%

      1. Yeah its so hot now. all those diary queen cones 9 baht. are very happy in my tummy.

      2. Be careful it comes with a dark-side. ice cream addiction. dairy queen is it man(KFC and the others don’t play in the same league)

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