Street Food 2

This kind of “cart” is typical of street food in Thailand, they sell a lot of food from these mobile kitchens !

It’s the push-by-hand version, other ones I’ve seen have a moped attached …

Enjoy 🙂



Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma

36 thoughts on “Street Food 2

  1. Another great shot!!

    Now, I’m starting to get hungry. It’s my day off from work and I’ve just called my wife to tell her I’m picking her up from her work at lunch so we can grab a burger someplace.

    These food pictures aren’t helping me with my diet!! I’ve absolutely no self control where good food is concerned…I know, my fault, not yours.

    Very Best Regards,

      1. Then I am doing my job!! If you want to laugh more I finally posted a video of my son dancing! It’s so funny!! HILARIOUS!! That and the song will just put anyone in a happy mood! Maybe show THAT to Suz? Haha

    1. I’m learning to be covert in my photo taking so that things like sleepy food sellers get in the shots … and give the lady a break she probably works 12-14 hours a day, possibly 7 days a week … they do work hard over here Steve …

  2. YuM! We started last week over 70 street vendors for the summer in Montreal downtown core..yum!! (oh yeah, I already said that!~ I do the photos you post here. Oliana

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