Stormy Skies Over The Ocean

Usually when the sun is setting my camera is pointing a full 90 degrees clockwise away from here … but the stormy sky here was actually more interesting than the sunset which was completely overcast.

Enjoy 🙂

Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma

59 thoughts on “Stormy Skies Over The Ocean

  1. Hey Don

    Like the post. Do you live in Thailand? We are looking to move over there for a year or so next year. Just wanted to see what you thought about it over there. Talk to you soon, thanks.

    1. Hey, yes I’ve been over here on and off for couple of years. There’s currently some political issues surrounding the government, so I’d be inclined to pay close attention to that. As for visas if you have the money, I’d recommend perhaps a Thai language course or one can do a TEFL course. The courses generally come with a 12-15 months of visa, and no border runs. For Thai language course it’s 120 hours of study, so doesn’t take up all your time.

      Personally I really like it over here, it’s warm, the people are often happy and good-hearted. Obviously do research into potential issues you might have, but don’t believe everything you read, a lot of westerners seem to have quite skewed perspectives. Open mind and a little caution and you can live very well and happily in Thailand …



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