Shells attached themselves to a bit of driftwood … not the most sensible of homes, as it’s now on the beach !

Enjoy 🙂

Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma

31 thoughts on “Shells

  1. Very unusual photo.

    I can’t get over the patterns the shells have made on the driftwood. It draws you in…almost hypnotic…

    Best Regards,

    1. Absolutely, it’s a bit of closeup too, I like to take closups because they give a perspective we don’t often see with our own eyes … also was considering doing a “patterns” day, because I’ve done a bunch of other closeups of things like floors, tree bark, sand etc … my rationale in taking is backgrounds for graphic design work …

      1. That’s an excellent idea, Don. I do 3d work from time to time and photo textures can come in handy when in-program texture editors fall short.

        Best Regards,

  2. Nice pic, Don and…. “She sells seashells on the seashore. The shells she sells are seashells, she’s sure” 😛

  3. I agree with Irene. The kind of thing most people just pass over. Cant help myself so getting all metaphorical again: I wonder if they had a plan there – strength in numbers. Granted it did not work out as planned – but atleast they are less likely to get crushed by the passing traffic!! – And of course when the tide comes in…back they go… YAY! (unless they are a little far from the shore – in which case – maybe one kind photographer could give them a fighting chance 😛 YES feel bad you did not put the little fellas back in there lulling ocean happily drifting around in their ignorance of their imminent danger of being smashed against the rocks )
    So pretty. The shells as they are – not so much the smashed ones 😉 Such a clever design too – The way they know exactly when to open themselves up. And when to stay closed. Inception is wonderful 😀

    1. I like to photograph odd stuff sometimes/often it works out … I did feel a bit sorry for them, they were popping their little heads out, but I figured I best let nature take her course …

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