Extra Long Zebra

Not possible, how long is that Zebra ?



Photo courtesy morgueFile.com

36 thoughts on “Extra Long Zebra

  1. Lol! Good one. Looks almost like 2 different breeds. The zoo here has 2 that look so!ilar but are striped differently. Brown maybe a Burchell’s and the black one a Gant?
    Anyway, looks like a stretch zebra! 🙂

    1. Could be, I didn’t even know there was more than one species … another possibility may be different light on either side, on in the shade, one not … but as I say I don’t know 😀

  2. Really neat Don. Now get an extra long saddle and several friends to go for a zebra ride with you. That would make a believer out of most all of us.

  3. 😀 see what the real function of yellow alien probe was? To lengthen quadrupedes… now the outer space Visitors’ plan is clear!! The longer the animals, the more abundant meat-stocks will be!! oooooh… :-O
    😛 😉

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