Ocean Sunset Panorama – “Christina Aguilera-Orama”

This one taken last year, so digging up from the charisma-archives … Seem welded like a master craftsman in Photoshop are 12 portrait photos …

It’s a “Christina Aguilera-Orama” because she’s a bit last year … mean I know, but who said I am a Mr Nice guy ?

Enjoy 🙂

Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma

57 thoughts on “Ocean Sunset Panorama – “Christina Aguilera-Orama”

    1. Thanks Leslie, still have plenty in the archives I’m up to 16000 photos out of my iPhone, so almost a lifetime’s supply … however there’s a new just as stunning one every day, and I like photographing them, so I guess just keep shooting !

  1. I’m trying to figure out how you come up with the celebrities to name your “Orama” series. Since it’s nature and all, why don’t you pick maybe Hindu gods and goddesses, or Greek gods and goddesses. For instance, if it’s a really badass, but slightly turbulent sunset. why not Athene-Orama. Just a humble suggestion! 😉
    Regardless of the names, the sunsets are always breathtaking. I especially liked the “Mel Gibson-Orama”. If I forgot to like it, I meant to…

    1. Well, if there was a system I’d gladly share it with you … however it’s the first thing that comes into my head or failing there being anything in my head which is quite often I use Google news to see who’s been mentioned recently … As for the gods, goddesses etc, who knows, that might just be the next thing !

      It started off as a not too serious suggestion from a reader, it’s probably incredibly harmful to my SEO, but Google don’t love me that much so f*** ’em really …

      I think Mel is still on my sidebar if you want to go back and share the love 🙂



      1. Well, who does Google love? I dunno… Sharing the Mel Gibson love!

      2. Google ? Loves people that make money for it, put simply … the fame game is largely smoke and mirrors, driven by commerce …

      3. I like money. It helps me buy food, drink and be merry, and travel. But, I get your point.

      4. LOL, good to be honest about it, and yes we all like/need money, that’s how the world works 🙂

        I’ve blogged more than one article about how google works, they are all listed on my SEO page … the bottom line, the money is probably less interesting to most people … well except economists that is …

      5. If you Google me, I’m all over the place, much to my chagrin…and I haven’t made a fortune for sure; not even close to a fortune. I tried to get them to take me off of there because I had an extremely bad experience with a music manager, and I don’t want him making any money off of me, but no such luck. I’m “Google Stuck”. However, Google is a mystery to me, along with the entire SEO world and the world of social media sites. I try to be interested, but it’s an effort. I’d much rather be on some tropical island in the Caribbean somewhere where computers and cars are banned!

      6. Who wouldn’t want to live that lifestyle … my compromise is to live somewhere tropical that doesn’t cost fortunes like the Caribbean … as for my interests in promoting and marketing, same as you I like money, which I don’t apologise for gives me an interest in SEO, the two are connected … we all need money to live 🙂

        As for having morons posting this that and the other, that’s life hun, I’ve had similar and Google couldn’t give a rats ass … my friend Sharon Hughson wrote a post about the benefits of bad publicity fairly recently, so generally that’s how I try to frame it in my mind, “there’s no such thing as bad publicity” essentially … free advertising …

      7. Have you written an article on how to get the hell off of “Google”?! If you have, please, oh please send me the link…!

      8. There are ways, but depending on what you want taken off, they may be out of reach of most folks … big enough budget, anything can be removed …

        If it’s on a website you own, take the website down, delete it and ask google to remove it … if it’s on somebody else’s website, entirely different story … DCMA can be used if there’s any hint of a copyright issue …

        As for being bad-mouthed, generally virtually impossible if it’s a public site or someone who doesn’t want to remove it is responsible for it …

        My advice, spin it into a positive …

      9. I’m serious man… I’ve marked my own pictures and videos as “inappropriate”, a “violation of my privacy”, and “this person is not me”, and the stuff is still up there! M*&&%^$#rs! Maybe your delightful new protegee can enlighten me.

      10. Luckily, at least not as far as I know, no one has badmouthed me. It’s more like photos and YouTube links that I wish I could have removed. A close friend of mine told me about the budget thing. He said there are companies that specialize in removing content from Google for their clients, but that you have to have quite a chunk of cash. Oh well. I’ll just leave it alone. I’d rather use the money to chill out in Tahiti or somewhere!!

      11. If you can prove copyright ownership you should be able to issue a notice under the DCMA, google have been forced to take down many pages under this, there’s a website calling chillingeffects which lists all the complaints filed … the legal angle, pay a lawyer to start proceedings against the people who have put the content up, if you have a big budget most people are likely to back down once they realise they might end up in court and lose their house … Google however themselves aren’t scared of most lawsuits and would probably fight you …

        As previously advised, make it work for you is probably the best solution … the time, effort and money involved in trying to get stuff removed normally outweighs the benefit … Tahiti sounds good when do we leave ?

      12. Yes, I looked into the legal angle, but the S.O.B has had tons of people sue him, according to an industry insider, and has a cadre of lawyers at the ready for disgruntled ex-clients like me, so there that is. It was a learning experience. Next time I commit my career to someone, I’m going to hire a P.I. to check out what their particular seedy past entails first! Lol!
        Thank you for the advice, and happy sunset/sunrise gazing. I have no clue as to the time difference. I think it’s like 12 or so hours ahead tomorrow? My brother is in Tokyo. Happy Day!

      13. I empathise, many SOBs thrown me curved balls, other people often holding all the cards. In the end walk away, learn something. Looking for “fair” is an unhappy discontented journey. Concentrate on your loved ones and friends, they are the one’s you will find “fairness” with or as close as it gets. For business look for the best deal for you and your business partners.

        I’m around 12 hours on average from US, but US has 4 time zones !



      14. Yeah, I can’t prove copyright because he is the copywriter of the music I recorded. The only thing I can claim is that it’s me singing, and me in the crappy videos he had made by someone who would do them for a minimal cost.
        Tahiti does sound great, doesn’t it! Tahiti assez possible!!

      15. I’m happy enough in Thailand, could probably live here a lifetime on the money one would spend in a year in the Caribbean 🙂

      16. Yes, I agree that the closest to “fair” one can find is in the family, but I haven’t even had much luck with that!
        Assez possible means, fairly possible.
        Aussitôt que possible means, as soon as possible!

      17. You and me both hun, if you can’t find “fair” in your family, look around you there are angels out there, trust your heart, collect the “good ones”, let the others gradually disappear off to wherever 🙂

        LOL, it’s all French to me 😆

      18. Funny story: I looked up DCMA, because, uh, I didn’t know what that was. It turns out, here in Amerrrrica, it’s the Defense Contract Management Agency! Lol! I don’t think that’s what you meant. Anyway, I found what you meant, and it won’t help me either because it deals with “stolen” digital content. When he was my manager, I gave him permission to post that content on as many social media sites as possible, so I can’t exactly turn around and say he stole it!
        Cheers, and thanks again for the advice and help!

      19. DMCA … typo, no one’s perfect … if he owns copyright and you signed legal agreements etc … move on, dust yourself, learn what you need to … we’ve all had to do it, that’s life hun 🙂

      20. One of the first lines in “Casablanca” is “Vultures, vultures everywhere”, uttered by a pickpocket to the man whose pocket he is picking! I agree with your version though. I believe there are angels everywhere. You just have to leave the house expecting angels, and they appear out of nowhere. I’m taking my leave from the Cyberworld now. My eyes are starting to pop out, and my stomach is screaming at me.
        Cheers from this side of the world!

      21. Oh, I am well-dusted! I’ve been through quite a bit of scuffs, and I’ve learned a lot.
        As for typos, that’s the GREAT thing about Google, since we’re being all positive and shit. When I looked up “DCMA copyright”, it said, “Did you mean DMCA?”
        Why yes I did, Google people!

      22. I only do positive and shit, except once a month or so, I have a break and do negative for a few days … I call it dumping the dead weight, emotional purge or any other name that seems appropriate at the time … currently only doing positive, mostly 🙂 … and yes Google good at correcting speling mistakes, their autosuggestion is fun too, already posted about that on my blog 😀

      23. My “negative” comes around once a month! 😉
        Yeah, I said it!!

      24. A study of men’s emotions in prisons showed that men also obey a monthly cycle in their moods … I’m in concurrence with that idea, as it mirrors my own experience 😀

      25. I did not know that about men’s moods. Interesting… Maybe it has something to do with either a surge or a slight drop in testosterone? My crappy mood usually only lasts 3 or 4 days when everyone is under suspicion, life stinks, and I hate people, then I get absurdly happy again. I don’t mean to say that I go on some sort of mad rampage about the city or anything. I kindly keep my misery to myself. It’s the humane thing to do. There’s a reason why women used to go and stay in a tent in the woods with each other during that time. 😉

      26. Yup probably because they had compassion for their men folk in those days LOL … and yes I’m same as you, I own my emotions, and deal with them if necessary with close friends. Hormones is one level of thinking about it, but mind and body are linked so can’t separate them, one causes the other and vice versa …

      27. Agreed! I have utmost compassion for menfolk now, which is why I tell them to either bring me something hard, or stay away from me! Yeah, I said that too!! Lol!

      28. I’m glad I made you smile! You’re the original Charismator though. I’m new to this charismatic blogging.

      29. I like when people can be themselves 🙂 … Afraid it’s probably like fight club here, one of a kind … although I shouldn’t get *bigheadedsyndrome* so … I do have some charismatic friend bloggers too, so seek and you will find 🙂 … or put another way, check out who comments on my posts, you’ll see some good faces there especially the ones I’m actually having a conversation with, with the occasional undesirable thrown in for good measure, but that’s life 🙂

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