Mark Bialczak Added To Don Charisma’s Friends Page

I’m choosy about who goes on my friends page, and as yet haven’t made a bad judgement call. These people are all lovely charismatic bloggers, each has shown some extra special merit for my calling them friends. All are a credit to the blogging community without exception.

I’ll keep adding people as and when I get a spare moment, which seems rare at present 🙂

Mark is a Journalist in Syracuse New York. He’s an exceptionally good writer, and all round great guy. If you’d like to check him out them visit – pop in and say hello, say I sent you, he’ll like that !


Don Charisma

41 thoughts on “Mark Bialczak Added To Don Charisma’s Friends Page

  1. I have been busy following people back today thanks to this quite generous mention, Don. I mentioned you in a post about reaching No. 500. Thank you so much!

      1. Haha, it is and will be. Bookmarked your “Friends” page. Let’s see when will you have a change of heart (and I’ll see myself on that page) LOL 😈
        Considering that someday I’ll rise up to that standard. 🙂

  2. That is a very cool idea actually 😀 I have not had much interaction with this man, so it is always nice to know of good people who hold themselves well here on the blogs. Nice job!

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