Mark Bialczak Added To Don Charisma’s Friends Page

I’m choosy about who goes on my friends page, and as yet haven’t made a bad judgement call. These people are all lovely charismatic bloggers, each has shown some extra special merit for my calling them friends. All are a credit to the blogging community without exception.

I’ll keep adding people as and when I get a spare moment, which seems rare at present 🙂

Mark is a Journalist in Syracuse New York. He’s an exceptionally good writer, and all round great guy. If you’d like to check him out them visit – pop in and say hello, say I sent you, he’ll like that !


Don Charisma

41 thoughts on “Mark Bialczak Added To Don Charisma’s Friends Page

  1. I have been busy following people back today thanks to this quite generous mention, Don. I mentioned you in a post about reaching No. 500. Thank you so much!

      1. Haha, it is and will be. Bookmarked your “Friends” page. Let’s see when will you have a change of heart (and I’ll see myself on that page) LOL 😈
        Considering that someday I’ll rise up to that standard. 🙂

  2. That is a very cool idea actually 😀 I have not had much interaction with this man, so it is always nice to know of good people who hold themselves well here on the blogs. Nice job!

  3. Yeah great. Mark is such a cool guy. welcome to the Don Corleone family Mark 😀

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