Once Upon A Time In Youghal

60 years ago, a film crew, host of A-list hollywood stars such as Gregory Peck, descended on a sleepy Irish town called Youghal. The reason was to film the opening scenes of the film Moby Dick.

It is one of my claims to fame that my grandfather took part in that well known film – one of those bearded sailors drinking at the bar. My other claim to fame is my cousin Matthew Broderick ;).

Ok, so Matthew might not really be my cousin, but here’s proof that Moby Dick’s was filmed in Youghal – afterall, why would they name the pub after the film? If you want another reason to visit – they serve a nice cool pint Murphy’s in there.


Taken Youghal, Ireland © dannyboybroderick

22 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time In Youghal

  1. Don

    A slight tangent, maybe, but Paul Clayton’s classic album of sea shanties, Whaling and Sailing Songs from the Days of Moby Dick, was a side product of the same movie…

    Clayton was an adviser on the shanties which were used in the movie and performed at its premiere. Made the album, perhaps, to get some more commercial attention than he had previously received…

    Am also Irish, so greatly enjoyed this post.

    1. I’ll check and see if that garage is still painted red. The pharmacy sign refers to the one in the mall leading to the main street, through that small car park.

      1. Thanks for the info Jean.

        So if anyone happens to be in Ireland, near Cork, then spend a bit of time travelling over to Youghal for the Moby Dick festival at the end of May…

  2. The twilight time and street lights add a little mood to the photo. Wondering why they have painted red that shed portion with a green cross?

      1. Beautiful country. I’ll do an album on it someday since we were there a couple of years ago.

      2. We landed in Belfast and drove (on the left hand side of the road, which was a nightmare) to Dublin and all the way down to Kinsale.I remember hearing two drunks on the streets of Kinsale having an argument. I could have sworn that I was in Newfoundland, Canada. Never forget it.

      3. If you went along the coast, you would have passed Youghal. Although there’s a bypass road around it these days, so you might not have noticed. There’s an old clock tower, but it was too narrow for the large lorries to get through and they were slowly chipping the tower to pieces.

  3. You’re making me thirsty. I’m a bearded drinker. I got drunk with Buck Taylor once.

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