Rocky Beach Sunset Panorama Yellows – “Obamaorama”

This one I’m calling an Obamaorama, to fit in with my celeb names vs Google season …

The tenuous connection – this sunset really is a world leader amongst sunsets … plus Obama-orama rhymes 🙂

It is lovely, I can’t think of anything that says it better 🙂


Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma

34 thoughts on “Rocky Beach Sunset Panorama Yellows – “Obamaorama”

  1. Hey Don, I love your sunsets. Did you check out the one that I put on my post. I know your challenge has ended but I thought it was pretty cool to post anyway. Check it out.

    1. Thanks that’s very kind … and NO challenge hasn’t ended it’s the end of Sunday, so still time … post a link on the challenge comments and we’ll publish on Monday 🙂

    1. Thanks hun, appreciate that and always happy to see you … sometimes I close comments if people go off topic etc, it’s easier than deleting etc … it’s hot here, hottest part of the year …

  2. One more great sunset Don, beautiful.
    Now I live more close to the sea and I did visit in the Easter and took some great potos, as I also will show, when I have a PC again.
    The sunsets over the sea I will still leave for you. The sunset here is not over the sea 🙂

    1. Hun, I’d love to see them … sorry it’s been challenging to visit other blogs, do feel free to send me a link, it’s really helpful … also if you’d like me to publish some sunsets for you, then would be helpful for both – Danny has an idea for a sunset prompt or challege, we’ll do soon … Don

  3. Very similar to one of my paintings… now I must post it. Beauty is around us all the time, many people are blind to it as they are to many things.

  4. Very beautiful. We’re finally starting to get nice sunsets around here too. The sun has been doing a great job in it’s world leadership 🙂

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