Announcement – Comments On Don Charisma Blog

Just a couple of quick announcements :

1. *ALL* comments on my blog will now go for moderation before appearing. I’m doing this because I’m finding it almost impossible to keep track of comments that I’ve read and not. Once I’ve read/replied I can approve, thus I can always find the comments I haven’t read by filtering by “unapproved” comments. There doesn’t appear to be a better way of doing this 🙂, don charisma, -DannyBoyBroderick -DannyBoyBroderick

2. Danny (dannyboybroderick) is now posting on my blog, has been for a few days now. So please check the top of the post if you’re leaving a comment, you’ll be writing comments to him (when he posts). I’M DON, HE’S DANNY. For instance he posted about his deceased Auntie, and a few people sent condolences to me. It’s no problem, we don’t mind, but please note the author in future when commenting. Please blame me, I should have let everyone know 🙂

So hopefully we can cook up some fun, some interesting and some wondrous posts for you in the coming days and weeks – we’re the ideas’s chefs, well Danny’s more a baker, but no need to be pedantic. (amazing how I can add cooking and baking in my tags with a bit of creative writing ! … and darn it I just added creative-writing tag too, I’m getting far too good at this for my own good …)

Warm regards

Don Charisma

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25 thoughts on “Announcement – Comments On Don Charisma Blog

  1. And this will help with solving the problem with problem posters…..And I’m one of those who sent condolences to you! LOL….actually, when a person reblogs, I know the comments go to them. So, take the condolences for maybe missing a sunset in the future!

    1. It’s simply so I can manage the level of comments and see all of them, otherwise I just can’t keep up !

      Just means your comment will need to be manually approved by me before appearing on the blog …

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