“Stormy Sky Justin Beiberorama”

In response to my request for ways to trick Google into sending me traffic for my Google neglected sunsets – Thanks Phil Taylor for the marvellous celebrity name idea. I do hope Justin Beiber will like a stormy sunset in Thailand named after him 🙂

How you like them apples Google!

If you have any requests, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, etc do let me know … The real question is would Katy be a sunset or a sunrise, or is she more of a stormy skies kinda girl ? Also is it a Katy’orama or a Perry’orama ?

These deep and challenging questions we’re sometimes forced to ponder, who knows if I will be able to sleep tonight with the excitement of it all …



Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma

20 thoughts on ““Stormy Sky Justin Beiberorama”

  1. Cracking up here. Beiber … Bieber …. why not “ImBiber” ….?

    Hey you want some fun. Invent a word and paste it into a couple of blogs. Or comments. And wait until Google locates it and eagerly laps it up. There’s a reason I’m the Gleeful Guru …. I love pranks.

    Check out “bavarcation” …. my contribution to the English lexicon. It means “gossip with a little depth” … and is derived from the French word “bavardé ” ….gossip. That one took less than a day to attract Google’s avid little tentacles..

    1. That’s awesome, and I love it when I try something new and then suddenly find a new friend on my blog … I’m experimenting with the celeb names, but I’ve definitely got your idea added to the grey matter, experiments will start soon !

    1. Yes, fitting, funny how serendipity works … and yes I’ve played around with the tags etc … to be honest I’m compaining when I don’t care, most of the google images traffic is probably from leechers anyway, and we haven’t setup our photograph shop yet, so no means to sell … I’ll play with the celeb name idea and usually I figure out how to make these things work over time 🙂

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