Collaborative SEO – Powerblogging On Steriods

I’ve been kicked in the teeth, hard, plenty of times. As one ages it’s harder to get back up, dust oneself off and get back on it. Age brings with it wisdom which is the gift of time.

One of the things I so realised when I’ve been knocked down is that we can’t do *everything* on our own, or it’s incredibly difficult to do it on one’s own. Social media only serves to re-iterate the point. So my perspective is that we need to learn ways to “do it” in relationship with other people, bringing each other up.

A movie I like is “Scarface” and this kind of serves to illustrate my point. Yes Tony becomes incredibly successful, but his problem is that he’s done it on his own, he’s not really sharing his success with anyone else, or letting anyone enjoy their success. It’s got some elements of a collaboration, but really Tony’s completely in it for himself. Which is sad, as the story you’ll know unfolds, he ends up with nothing.

One of my favourite bloggers Jason Cushman “A Opinionated Man” from Harsh Reality blog, is in my view a pioneer. I’m very pleased that we’ve made friends, and incredibly grateful for all that he’s taught me. We interact in I guess a friendly competitive way, and to be honest, I’m happy where I am, in the shadow of the Dragon. I’ve always been supportive to what he’s doing, and often given unsolicited advice, which I’m not sure if it’s useful for or not, but heck that’s who I am. Having the last word isn’t always a bad thing.

Successful people like Jason, don’t see competition, they see opportunity, they see chances for win-win collaboration and they make friends, not hostile competitive acquaintances with the people around them. So a good place to introduce :

The Real Party In Blogging

I see all this obsession with magic pills and fast track to fame, and it leaves me a little sad. It’s a lie people are telling themselves, there’s distracted by the smoke and mirrors, and they’ve missed the real party. The saddest part of all.

Some are lazy, some are stupid, some just haven’t really used much of the grey matter between their ears. It’s possible to “unf**k” oneself, but takes the effort of using some brainpower.

Most bloggers will never be powerbloggers like Jason. Why is that ? Well Jason has charisma, he works incredibly hard, he’s not afraid to try and I believe he’s incredibly talented. He’s not afraid to knock on doors, say hello, how are you? He’s a self starting trier. Probably he’s in the top 1% of bloggers, elite. And he’ll face his critics square on, he’s got the balls for it and the thickness of skin to survive the long-haul. He’s ALSO very humble, gentle and good hearted a lot of the time. Leaders do need to have self-respect, and self-respect can come across as “up-oneself”. I do not believe this is arrogance, for me it’s just self-confidence and self-belief. Leaders do need to role model for others things like self-confidence or otherwise no one would ever willingly follow them. Assertive, strong, good hearted, confident leaders are in short supply, why do you think they become so popular ? I introduced the concept of status in my prompts the other day, and this is the best mechanism I’ve found for thinking about this.

The other thing is that watching pageviews, stats and following counts etc is really nothing to do with where Jason’s talents are. One of Jason’s biggest talents is in what I’m calling collaborative-SEO or collaborative-PR or collaborative-promoting. He get’s people involved and engaged, having fun, and all around the writing/opinion theme. That’s the real secret of powerblogging, not the followers, the likes, the comments, the pageviews. If you think it is, you’ve lost already. I dislike the word “engagement” it makes the whole thing sound so clinical and distant, like using the “V” word in place of the “P” word, if you didn’t get that, well, nevermind. Maybe one of my genius readers will come up with a better name for “reader engagement” and we’ll rename it for the establishment. Might need some reblogging on that one !

Anyway, sure he’s promoting himself, but how many others has he helped ? Me for starters, he reblogged one of my early posts and pushed my likes and comments off the chart, or so it seemed at the time. He invited me to guest blog for him, an opportunity I’m very grateful for, invaluable experience. I know a great number of other people he’s helped too.

thestingofthescorpion yoda

I’ve heard of people that criticise him, f*** ’em, they didn’t get to see the magic I’ve seen in the guy, so they are wrong, basically. Jason Cushman is a hero in my eyes. So don’t run him down on my blog, I will show you the door. He takes enough flak as it is, without another moronic imbecile chipping in too.

IT ANNOYS THE HELL OUT OF ME when I get people come into my blog, begging for me to promote them. They come with empty hands, strangers, and expect me to promote them. Why, after 9 months working extremely hard am I gonna welcome you in and give you everything for nothing ? Well I’m not, I can spot this bullshit a mile off, it stinks.

Friends come with full hands, a full cup, how can I help you, could I write a guest post for you I know about SEO/Photography/Charisma etc, how about I do an interview for you. They get involved, they comment on my stuff, they reblog my stuff. Oh you’re running a challenge, I could help be a coordinator or whatever you need. We all have skills and value to offer. For some it’s US dollars or British pounds, that’s fine too we all need to pay rent, electricity, food, travel, many of us have loved ones to support too. I’ve promoted fellow bloggers just because they just kept on commenting. I have three fellow bloggers that are constantly reblogging my posts, they’ve never asked me for ANYTHING, they do it because they like my blog and my stuff, and want to share with their readers – I ALWAYS SAY THANKS AT ANY OPPORTUNITY I GET TO THEM PERSONALLY. This is in complete contrast to the freeloader who read a few articles, study a few of my comments and then try whatever manipulation that’ll quickest get what them what they want. I like how Vinne Jones put this in the movie “Snatch” (Readers are advised NOT to watch if they are easily offended – don’t worry “British humour isn’t all that funny anyway” as an American once said to me)

Replica just about says it all …

Another full hands guy is Christopher S. Malone. He does improv, and I think improv is the best thing since sliced bread, (a very awesome thing) the synergies in blogging are ENDLESS. He came into my blog with full hands, helped and participated in my “Whose Blog Is It Anyway” challenges. HE SAW AN OPPORTUNITY FOR HIMSELF, FOR BOTH OF US IN FACT AND GRABBED IT WITH BOTH HANDS. Very humble guy, and very happy to have met him. Was speaking to him yesterday about doing something together – don’t know if it’ll come to anything, but we’ll see.

There’s plenty of “full hands” people around me, I don’t need “empty hands” people – “the door is over there, close it on your way out”. And the bar is not that high, for instance to get into my top commenters on my stats page, you’d only have to leave around maybe 10 comments (per thousand), some of my friends have been on there for months at a time. Then I see you every day, you’re indirectly promoting yourself to me. PLUS I’m fairly easy going with cool humble people, anyone that’s ever left a polite comment knows I’m easy to get on with.

NB – I’m not interested in politics and I’m not interested in causes that I’m not congruent with. Why do I say this ? I’m not interested in getting emotional, engaged and active in stuff that doesn’t interest me.

BOTTOM LINE – blogging has gone social. Social means doing things together, doh ! Either you’ve got a bunch of freeloaders trying to line their own pockets, always hands out with nothing to offer. OR you’ve got what I’ve been doing which is getting together people who enjoy collaborating, helping each other essentially. Leaders and successful blogs are necessary, otherwise you just end up holding hands around a camp fire, and actually achieving nothing. Some people want that, I have no problem or criticism for those who don’t want to be social, or mainstream, or for those who are happy doing their own thing. Camp fires are great in their time and place, but not really compatible with powerblogging and promoting.

ABSOLUTE BOTTOM LINE – stop thinking there’s a magic pill of a big readership or millions of page views. That’s entirely smoke and mirrors. The real party, the real deal is in the enjoying what we’re doing, and the finding colloborative win-win ways of SEO’ing, PR’ing and Promoting. Everyone has skills, talents and something that makes their hands full, even if it’s just friendship or companionship. Others are great musicians, artists, designers, writers, social-magnets. Most of us can learn to be more creative, more charismatic and lead happier lives.

Do it together, or you’re just another lonely troll nobody adrift in cyberspace 🙂

Whoops, did I just say *all that* out loud, sorry didn’t mean to offend anyone ! I’ve been fairly low key on promoting our commercial site because it’ll build with good quality clients coming in over time – patience is a virtue. Good quality clients recognise good people to work for them, and reward them well. So, what I will say is if you need help with your SEO, Promoting or PR, we can help. We’re not aiming to be cheap, nor sell snake oil, but we can definitely accelerate what you’re doing and help push you towards where you want to be. Possibly we can exceed your expectations. We can act as consultants or do the work for you. We don’t accept every project and do qualify our clients based on a number of factors. Please do contact us if you want to make an initial enquiry.


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233 thoughts on “Collaborative SEO – Powerblogging On Steriods

  1. Your charismatic advice wins again – thanks Don and I so love your magic pill reference – we get to understand people’s real motives pretty quickly in this space hey!

  2. Love Love Love this post! Particularly liked the reference to Mr Opinions (term of endearment for Jason Cushman, though don’t tell him I said so)

    I feel like I am far too lazy a blogger to reach such awesome continuous interaction, BUT when I am here, my followers and blogging buddies are really welcoming and forgiving (particularly when I raid there blogs with a multitude of comments in 2 hours playing catch up, then disappear for weeks)

    Lots of Valid points – building a community – it is hard work, we can’t do it on our own and we need to reach out if we want to have quality interaction!


    1. 🙂 I am familiar with your antics Miss Lou, I too am a Mr Opinions follower and he’s a bit of a hero of mine …

      I think the community is built with many cogs, some people like to comment and encourage, some people like to pump out blog after blog, and so on … everyone I feel has their part, their skills and value to offer … if you’ve found your niche and happy then that’s all that matters 🙂

      Jason has taught me a lot about social blogging, through his not afraid to go large on trying it, cannot fault him, well not much at least …

      Good to be in touch anyway, I saw you followed me a while back and then never heard, you do intrigue me a little bit I must say (in a good way!).



      1. Goodness Gracious – hope he doesn’t venture over and read these comments. He already suffers from #BigHeadSyndrome… lol

        Yup, everyone has their style. Different things work for different people, and we all value different aspects of the process and engagement differently.

        I cannot remember why I followed you, might have seen a witty comment somewhere and though.. Yup… follow doe ‘Future Reference’.. lol

        Intrigue? My laziness? lol

        Thanks for taking the time to respond 🙂


      2. I give him his shots of bigheaded syndrome to counteract the critics … and wouldn’t worry about it he knows I think he’s awesome !

        No I think it was the cool photos on your blog actually … intriguing are the 5 poses of miss lou 🙂 … try saying that when you’ve had a couple of beers …

        You are welcome, always respond to comments unless the person is a troll or a moron or otherwise intellectually incapable of being a decent human being … so you should be safe, I hope …



      1. LOL … I laughed a lot at this one … few people have been to visit this post, it’s from back in April so wondering how you got here ? cheers D

      2. 🙂 I respun your post I had reblogged when you originally did it. At first I thought you had guest authored, but it was a reblog. So I sent you a few views I hope.

      3. Well it’s Friday afternoon here, though yes, things are progressing well.

        I’ve come up with a new strategy to get the kids to do housework (i.e the mess THEY made in the first place) It’s working. I feel a bit super mummish

  3. I agree with your description of OM and wish I had more time for both of your blogs! Who can understand those hurtful people?!? 😦 Love that “hands full” illustration 🙂 ❤ ❤

    1. Thanks hun, and good to hear from you, it’s been a while … I pointed Nav in your direction as I think you guys probably have some shared interests 🙂 warm regards Don

      1. My pleasure hun … he’s a good guy from what I’ve seen … I’d like to help with what you’re doing, but I don’t enjoy messing with hornets nests, not for me at the moment 🙂

      2. Whatever your comfortable with. Surprisingly, I very rarely get negative feedback. May be a good sign of things to come, I hope. Take care.

  4. Ah, Thank you for this post. I laughed so hard at “unf*ck” yourself..and because I knew everything you posted was true. “The real party, the real deal is in the enjoying what we’re doing” . I love this line especially. I didn’t do this to become famous, I just thought it’d be fun to share my oddball life with other people. If I could make one person laugh or smile, then my day is made! Really sound advice and thank you!

  5. Don, thanks for following my blog I appreciate it. I have just read through your posts and I look forward to learning a thing or two from you!

  6. Very interesting post. I saw it when Laura Macky re-blogged it, and I am glad she did. Very honest and to the point.
    Of course, I have no clue about this collaborative stuff.. This is very interesting indeed.

    Great stuff from you.

    1. Hey Rajiv, thanks and I’ve seen you around on my blog too … the collaborative stuff I’ve picked up along the way, it’s the direction blogging is going in, so might as well be at the pioneering end … mostly about making friends and sharing each other’s resources … perhaps you do a feature for another blogger they do one for you would be a very simple example … Google may pick up the mention of you on the others person’s site as more important than your own site, another plus … there’s synergies everywhere with it, and together we’re much stronger than a bunch of individuals …


      1. Hmm. I like this. What you say is very right. Collaboration is the way to go. When I was in the corporate world, I believed in open innovation. Collaboration is key. Though, since I am a bit of a blogging ignoramus, I am not sure how to do the stuff about doing a feature for another blogger. I like what you say. Collaboration, the spider’s web as it were, is a fantastic way to do it

      2. I leant quite a lot from my friends opinionated man and steven fox, they are very much into collaborative activities … reciprocal features … challenges … prompts … competitions … just a few ideas, but there are many many more 🙂 …

  7. Awesome post. I’m not a new blogger by any means, however I have deleted most of my old sites and started fresh on wordpress. Many days spent reading and studying pro blogger do’s and dont’s… Deciding how to go about pushing forth and I must say Don Charisma, your words here have probably been more honest, real, true to life, more-so opinions than advice, but none-the-less a very helpful post overall. Going beyond the numbers, which is where those so called “advisors” lose me… They really do leave out the (real life people) cooperative effort in the SEO schemes being promoted everywhere… Thanks I guess, for just saying it like it is… And being yourself, while trying to help others. The “social” undertaking of blogging is the aspect I’ve had most trouble with I suppose… You’ve definitely given me a few more thoughts to think in regards to it 🙂

    1. Thanks … I think look at the numbers and the social synergies, be holistic about it … always happy to answer any questions if I can … WordPress is a great place to be, it’s the best publishing platform I’ve seen and it’s got some cutting edge features …

      1. Oh yes I agree WordPress is the best (even though I’ve yet to take the time to put half the features into use; finally got my youngest off to kindergarten, so it’s time to get serious about my blogging). I tried other blog platforms too over the years and nothing compares 🙂

  8. Your post really resonated with me- especially the line “The real party, the real deal is in the enjoying what we’re doing”. I am a new blogger and I never expected to enjoy blogging as much as I do. Perhaps it is because it has given me a chance to read some great stuff from bloggers like you 🙂

    1. Why thank you, very kind … it’s been the same for me, started 9 months ago, haven’t looked back at all since … love WP, and lovely to meet new faces such as you … see you around ?

  9. Best post I have read all day! I finally got back into blogging and I’m glad that someone has the right perspective on blogging. Thank you for not being afraid to share your opinion (or offend people haha).

  10. Thanks for the follow! Just had time to skim through a bit of your stuff but really like your tone and point of view. Look forward to catching and keeping up.

  11. So much so true, you are so right. The world is a better place when we collaborate and share and support one another, you can always see the people that don’t realise that and are only out for themselves and I always find it such a shame. Well said Mr DC x

  12. I noticed that although someone, or someones have blasted unjustly, that your responses are forthright and to the point.
    I see how much easier you are making it for people to just be ‘truthful’ but still respectful with your most recent blog topics.. But I do enjoy the ‘truth’ without the ‘B.S.’ approach. 🙂

    1. Thanks … and yes I get the occasional clashes, that’s life … I think to be a charismatic leader one needs to do a bit of both, insofar as being very outspoken sometimes and at others careful with one’s words … I think this comes with experience, so with every clash I learn something, something that helps me communicate better and lead more effectively 🙂

  13. I came across your blog by way of “A Opinionated Man”. I don’t always comment or click like, but I always read the posts that the two of you put out.

    This is really good advice, and I know people will take note of it and put it to good use.

    1. Thanks, and lovely to hear from you … I’m happy for you to comment or like whenever you want, comments I always answer, and the social is good for both I think 🙂 speak soon, Don

  14. Don, Jason helped me. He showed me the ropes and he was extremely respectful towards me. I went to him for help, because I believe in myself, yet I just didn’t know how to get my work out there. He showed me. And he put my stats off the roof. I also believe in the personal touch and I work darn hard (too hard some days) to get to know my followers, know what they are all about and we have conversation. I LOVE to interact with people and that is what my blog is all about. I don’t even have my follower count visible because that is not what is important to me. What is? Getting the message of LOVE out into this world, a world that is in such need of it.

    And since Jason showed me what to do, or at least as much as I need right now, I have been continually increasing my followers. I know people by their first names. I encourage interaction. I go to other blogs to encourage and to lift up and to leave a (((HUGS))). I believe in Jason and I really respect him. Will I have as many followers as he does? I don’t know if I can do it. But to put Jason down for what he believes in especially after I have seen what a good man he is, is bogus.

    Sometimes one has to work damn hard to achieve one’s dreams. I am willing to put that work in. So there is my two cents worth!!! I am glad you stand behind Jason. He deserves only the best in my book!!!! Love and (((HUGS))) Amy

    1. Amy, if I had a team of bloggers like you, we could take over the world … sadly a lot of people are lazy, and that’s why they never really acheive anything … Jason isn’t lazy, not in the slightest and that’s why he’s so successful …

      Lovely to hear of your success and that you believe in hard work, and you’re getting the results you want …

      Warmest regards


      1. Don, I hear you loud and clear. People do not want to work for anything, oh no, but they want everything just handed to them. I was brought up in a generation one earned what one got. And if you have dreams, there are many phases that OMG you work so hard you don’t know how you keep standing up. And then that hard work starts paying off. I put in, between my life and between blogging, 14-16 hours per day. I have followers write all the time that they honestly don’t know how I do what I do. I call it Mind over Matter. And when you have LOVE in your heart, you can and you DO achieve anything.

        Jason is far from lazy, and IMO he is too hard on himself. He drives himself too hard, yet there are many who think the same of me. What I had to go through to get to this point of my life, oh no!, no one will take that from me. To see my dreams manifest after years of seeing nothing … that is a treasure beyond any words I can use.

        I consider myself blessed and very lucky to have people like you and like Jason in my life. Perhaps our FIRE will catch on, and others will get off their fat asses and start DOING. Helping others out. Making this world a better place to live. NOT just saying it, but DOING it. (((HUGS))) from another DOER. With LOVE, Amy

      2. Don, I just followed you “again”. I don’t know why, but there are times when I get unfollowed on a blog I am following. I definitely want to keep in touch with you. You have a good heart and I love the way you think. I am so glad I ran across the reblog I did that sent me over to you. Now you will be in my reader!!! JOY! xx Amy

      3. Hey Amy, it’s been a busy day for me … I don’t keep scores, so don’t worry about that … friends are most important … bit behind on my comments … will get to them as quick as i can … cheers Don

  15. I rarely re-blog so it’s nothing personal against you my dear. That’s just me. However I do enjoy our spirited conversations and varied interests (you know, you like power lines and I don’t). 😉
    The sense of community is strong here and that is great. 🙂

  16. Great post Don. I’m pretty new to this blogging stuff and am anxious to learn (and contribute) as much as I can. I learned about you from my dear friend and blogger, Laura Macky, who reblogged this article. (I’m so new I don’t even know how to insert her WP website, lol).
    I look forward to reading and interacting more with you.

    1. Thanks, that’s very kind of you indeed … Laura is also my good friend, a very social and friendly lady … every blogger starts not knowing everything so just take time to get to know your way around, find out who’s who and people that you like … there are some odd people around, but same as life you get them everywhere … don’t feed the trolls !

      I’ve followed your blog, I have to do it while I think of it as it’s quite a large following I manage …. very challenging to get round all the blogs I’d like to, so bear that in mind – I am friendly, it’s busyness that prevents me from being everywhere I’d like …

      Hope to speak to you soon, all the best of luck


      1. Thanks for the comment Don. I totally respect that you’re busy with other’s, and I don’t expect a reply to my comments. Just knowing that it’s been read is satisfaction enough, although the interaction is a plus.
        Take care and have a super weekend. Cheers!

  17. Hey Don, when I first started following your blog I mentioned it was because I saw you were creating community and I liked the magic of what I saw. I don’t participate in your blog community so that I can promote my own blog… I do so to be a little bit a part of a community and because I see your good heart. This being said, It takes all kinds of folks to make a community even us folks who don’t have the energy to participate in a big way and are kind on the sidelines watching. If you see my participation as being too camp-fireish for you, I respect your opinion and am fine with unfollowing. I welcome and support you to achieve with your blog what you desire, Wishing you the best, Sheilan

    1. So you’re in exactly the right place, why get offended ? It doesn’t seem to be a day go by someone isn’t offended by something, recently the “R” word … not my intention to start my day offending my friends … surely you, of all the people I speak to regularly would get that ?

      Communities have many cogs, just like a family, just like any group of people … mums often don’t feel valued, but don’t they actually have the most important part to play of all ?

      My overall point, which you seem to have snagged on, is that sitting around talking about it doesn’t actually make it happen. What I’m doing is actually making it happen. So back to you, if you want to be part of what I’m making happen, then I’m happy to have you around, I like you. If you wanna get snagged on something that’s really unimportant and challenge me, perhaps you should unfollow.

      I’ve been sitting at my desk now for 13 hours straight, I’m tired, want to rest, still have work to do. Not my first choice to want to argue with someone I like, like you 🙂

      1. Dearest Don… I really did not mean to come off argumentative, but more wanted to know where someone like myself fit with what you wanted to happen. I like you too and I want to support you, but wasn’t sure if you felt i was dead weight because my participation is more on the sidelines. Thank you for your response and know I am always behind you and whatever you are doing. Get some rest my friend.

      2. Anybody and everybody’s welcome on my team, young or old, don’t care about politics religion any of that crap … don’t preach it to me, don’t force opinions on me, and I live and let live … only thing is that people pull their weight, not lazy … and I don’t reckon you’re lazy not by a long chalk … I don’t always get the perfect wording, and sometimes people snag on words, phrases etc, I used the “R” word didn’t mean offence to the intellectually disabled … if you can see what I’m trying to say, and a better way then tell me, don’t make it my fault …

        Promoting isn’t a dirty word either, we all do it, on some level or another … I had to look up the difference between promoting and marketing … promoting is basically just saying “here I am” or at simplest level just being present … marketing is probably akin to smiling, giving reasons why someone should want to speak to us, make friends or buy our products … So everyone’s in on the promoting and marketing game, just that a lot of people aren’t pushy about it, not how I like to be, too much …

        So I’m happy for you to be around, to comment, I’ve been doing some prompts designed to help people bring out their creativity, participants are always welcome, helping me plan the prompts too, want to build on them so people can learn the improv principles, and try to keep the prompts so they’re writable, designable, photographable, not just about writing … I’ve got my business I’m running with Danny … so there’s anything from just dropping in saying hello, liking a few posts, right up to running the blog for a week, well maybe not that, but you know what I mean … it’s all up for grabs, whatever you like to do, want to do, floats your boat … just don’t argue with me, got enough on my plate as it is 🙂 … and even then, most issues like this are resolvable through talking, well at least with ladies, some dudes escalate it way beyond, duels at dawn, swords or pistols … still nevermind, such is life …

        Rest is planned for will happen as soon 🙂

  18. Don, I believe things happen for a reason. It took me a long time to find courage to start a blog. You were the first to like what I wrote. I juggle a busy mums life and love my blog, so work hard at getting the time to write. I am no blog wiz, have not a clue about half the funky stuff I can do with it, but for now….. It is just right for me. you inspire me to keep fighting for my voice. Thanks! And thanks for writing stuff like this that makes sooooo much sense.

    1. I’m very happy to have inspired, and it’s a lovely part of my day when someone says that 🙂

      You do what’s the best you can, the courage takes time and you’ll find mentors and helpers along the way … at least that’s been my experience … Shaun Gibson did a lot for bringing out my talent, he’s a lovely guy …

  19. Reblogged this on Laura Macky and commented:
    I also would like to reblog this. The info is so valuable. It’s NOT all about the numbers, although that part can get addicting. It IS about doing what you love, sharing it with the world and learning from others. Thanks Don for being a good blogging buddy and an expert at pano shots lol!

      1. Doh, yes I guess I should read my own posts ! … I did also say that I always thank people personally for reblogging, in capitals 🙂

        Thanks dude 🙂

  20. Don, you’re so right-on, here. I have learned so much this past year as a blogging newbie. For one, Jason is incredibly generous – he helped quadruple my followers through a reblog at the onset of my blog. When I read his ebook and followed his advice, I was able to double my readership. He also invited me to guest blog – I just don’t have enough thanks for the man. I also just completed an 11-week series in which I collaborated with nine other talented and generous bloggers. I’ve learned now to always refer readers to other blogs because this is never a solo effort. Every time I read a blog, it enriches me in some way. Although my blogging topics have a narrow focus, I want to give back to the blogging community. Providing links to those who have taught and uplifted me is one small way I can continue to do that.

    1. Hey Susan, he’s one hell-ava blogger that’s for sure ! … And yes very much I’ve found the collaborative efforts very rewarding in many ways … Good to see you around Susan, you’re a positive force 🙂

  21. I am so loving this post – mentions lovely people; lovely sentiment; lovely truth. While here – Thank you for the other thing – 😉 He got his first messenger bag today and still has not seen your kindness. (I think you will click what I mean!) –
    So off to reblog your fabulous post separately

    1. Thanks hun, it’s what I reckon we should be aiming at in community and social-media … we do have our own indivudal goals and dreams, if we can hit them quicker and easier working collaboratively, well isn’t that just nice ?

      I’m behind on just about everything, just replied all emails … can’t find anything in my spam queue … so email me a link or comment it over whatever works …

      Always loved your writing belinda, you are my hero 🙂

      1. …um…that last line hit me between the eyes a bit hey…shew – that is special…shew…yeah…

        Hey – Don – the reblog is PLENTY! (he will explode today just now – lol! )

        …yes …it is nice…wouldn’t it be nice if we were all like that with everything? 😉 Going through to emails now – but hoping you are offline a bit to get thee some rest good Sir.

      2. For sure hun and you’re welcome … did I reblog already, been such a busy day, sometimes I lose track …

        Yeah, that’d be nice … least we can try and do a bit ourselves least we cam do …

        gotta finish up some things and then downtime, hopefully sooner rather than later …

  22. Great post, DC. I’ve been in social media for years now. I love the parts of it that have brought about great friendships. WordPress in particular has a warm community feel. A bottom line for me is always to create with love, inspiration, and truth. Then share what you want to share. If numbers are what keeps a blogger warm at night, then good for them. There’s something for everyone here. Collaborations rock!

      1. It’s like you said what I’m thinking … usually I like to have something clever to say, but hun, I don’t you said it all for me 🙂

  23. We bloggers are a family. Whenever one needs help, there are many to offer a helping hand. We pull the newbies and learn from the oldies. It’s a community with whom we can share our joys and sorrows and none will bully us.
    Your post just made me believe how right I am when I refer to my fellow bloggers as my family. 🙂

    1. For sure, and yes, that’s very much how I’ve experienced wordpress, there’s a strong community here, trolls and other undesirables don’t seem to last long here …

  24. I agree with all that’s been said. When I first started blogging, I used it as a diary for my family and friends to keep track of a knee replacement I had and hoped it could help people who were thinking of undergoing this surgery. Then it morphed into a photography hobby when I got better. I noticed that growth on WP is much like it is in life and in other social media platforms…the innocence, the realization that you need “lots of friends” then the settling in and knowing what it’s really all about. I interact regularly on some people’s blogs, most I like (when I feel there is something to like) and some I actually have gotten to know and have chatted on skype, etc. Some I have enlisted for help on my blog and have paid them for their services. But all in all, I’ve realized that I’m only human and can only handle so much and that life is about balance for me. Thanks for all this wonderful info Don. Seems I’ve met some really good ones here in WP!

    1. Thanks Laura … and you’ve proved a good friend and ally to me these past many months … so really happy to have you around, and doing stuff together is helpful both ways 🙂

  25. You are right, not everyone will be a power blogger like Jason, or even yourself (at least, in my opinion, you are at that level), and not everything everyone writes will be liked by everyone. Before I started mine I had to come to that understanding (mine tends to be very controversial, depending on the topic). You can’t let the negative comments get to you, the only person (on earth) you have to please, and be true to, is the one who looks back at you from the mirror. If you can be honest with him/her, then you can be proud of who you are, and from what I’ve seen, you have a lot to be proud of (humbly).

    1. Very kind words, and you’re too kind 🙂 … I’m happy where I am in the order of things, others are ahead, that suits me … I try to find a middle way often, sometimes I’ll drift off into the very likeable and then snap into the more controversial … keeps me and the readers interested … and you’re right, “know thyself” I think is the most concise way I’ve heard of saying that 🙂

  26. Good post, honest opinions. I started getting worked up about numbers, etc., then decided I enjoy my writing and digital art so head down, bum up, focus on creating and, hopefully bringing a bit of light into people’s lives. It’s not all about numbers, it IS about doing what you love.

  27. Wow! This is better than awesome. Glad to find this as I start the day. will be getting this to my readers too…

  28. Another very interesting post. I started my little blog just as somewhere to put/record my drawings so I could show some people…now I have 30 followers and I’m dancing around the room…not quite on the same scale as you I feel! I’m learning a lot from your posts, Don, keep going! 😉

    1. THanks hun … my blog has evolved along the way, it’s a nice thing … it’s the feeling that counts, not the external factors … dancing around the room, is very very good 🙂 keep going too …

  29. Not related to this post, but still…. I was so impressed by the ‘Keep calm’ +FP related image on the right hand side. That was the first thing that caught my eye. Cool 🙂

    1. Really sorry for the late reply, it’s been tough to keep up with comments at the moment …

      Would you like me to add you on the list so you have your own not on FP badge ?

      1. That is OK Don 🙂 There is nothing to be sorry about.
        As for that badge, yes, if that is OK. It was nice actually 🙂 Please do let me know what I need to do too.

  30. I love the honesty, DC. Now can I be honest? You need to stop being so hard on yourself over your writing ability. This piece is very well written. You are a kind soul. Choosing to be in community is so much more fulfilling than silently working alone. What is truly awesome is when you and the community click. Makes life super fab!
    Da best, are you Sir!

    1. Thanks hun … please do be honest, and thanks for the compliment … for me I try to keep a bit humble and not let things go to my head too much, also need to kick my own arse to get on with things … so perhaps explain if you think I’m hard on myself …

      Community is good, happy here and alls good in the hood !

      1. Well ciggarettes in my hood are 66 baht a pack, that’s around $2 I think … and there pretty good american brand … so yes to 1 … as for bars on windows … hmm not sure, I’ll have to check … and 3 why downsize ?

      2. I’m never sure when you’re improvising or not, maybe I should just assume you are … Thailand’s got some pretty safe places, as long as you understand the culture a bit and accept certain things it’s a nice place to live …

      3. OK hun, it’s fun … have to watch my time management though as my sleeping pattern gets messed up … have a think of how we can do a back and forth improvised scene, as live as we can get it on the blog. I did think a posts explaining the action is in the comments. Do the comments, then copy paste comments into the next post … second half of that post, put the next scanario … back to the comments for the impro, then the repeat …

      4. Thailand is probably around 12 hours ahead of you if you’re in the good ‘ol u s of a … but you can check yourself, as I don’t know your precise coordinates 🙂 … have you got my email hun, might be easier to plan on there ?

      5. I’ve pinged you, and yes we’ll plan at mutually beneficial arrangement … ehem, that came out wrong … i mean a mutually satisfactory time 🙂

  31. Reblogged this on HarsH ReaLiTy and commented:
    Three things. 1 – WordPress has been unfollowing people randomly for some reason. Why did I just have to refollow you? 2 – I also like Malone’s site. 3 – Is it strange I didn’t know about your .com website?
    Thanks for the kind words and for sending me the link. I needed the pickmeup after having two strikes thrown at me in a row. -OM
    Note: Comments disabled here, please comment on their post.

    1. 1. no idea, can’t help on that one … 2. sure Malone will be happy to hear and 3. well now you do, I’ve been subtly promoting, we’re happy with a few clients at the moment …

      You are very welcome, thanks for you help, past, present and future, you’ve made a ally in me 🙂

      Sorry to hear about the critics dude, but don’t they say criticism is the breakfast of champions ?


      Warm regards

      Don Charisma

      1. Oh I am fairly used to the critics by now. Doesn’t really bother me anymore. As long as it doesn’t affect what I do. 😉 Thanks for the post, reblog is never a big deal.

      2. Good to hear my friend, thick skin certainly helps ! … hope all is well with you and your family … and happy Easter if you celebrate it, hope the bunny brings you lots of chocolate !

    2. 1. I can speak to that. I had to re-follow OP (which I was unhappy about and had brought to his attention) 2 – OP, thank you. That’s a super high compliment that I’m pleased to hear from you.

      Since I’m here, DC, (I won’t clog up your feed with another comment), thank you for your kind words. I sincerely appreciate it.. We’re going to get another impro(v) challenge happening whether it’s small a small one or not. We said we wanted to revisit the idea, so let’s make it happen. Despite being on different continents and in different time zones, having different schedules.. I am sure we can figure something good out.

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