Lunar Eclipse Today, Now

I just had a message on my iPhone that’s there’s a lunar eclipse happing right now … thanks for the warning iPhone !

Time and date says :

It will be visible from North America, South America and Australia. Parts of Asia, Africa and Europe will see a partial eclipse.

I know these things happen fast, so not a very detailed post more of a heads up !


Don Charisma


60 thoughts on “Lunar Eclipse Today, Now

  1. more like blood red moon :/ I was creeped out. here in Miami we saw it big and red. I was with my friends in Downtown at 3:00am and when we saw that, we were just staring at it. it was beautiful of course but a bit scary. you get what I mean?

    1. For sure, out of the ordinary things, new things, can be scary … it’s supposed to be one of the universal fears for human beings “the fear of the unknown” …

  2. Reblogged this on ander01 and commented:
    What an amazing phenomenon; one that will always engage the dullest interpreters of the raw power and beauty of nature, this epic activity stands alone like a virgin untouched and untainted by the hands of man. It is only fitting and just, that we pay our repects to The Creator who has the sole responsibility of upkeep and endurance for such a cosmic splendour. We thank you God for reminding us of Your Majesty and Grace, keep us unhinged as only you can, and invoke our awe to ode again and again.

  3. My iPad doesn’t warn me of cool stuff like eclipses. It keeps bugging me to download the Coast browser though.

  4. You caught a rare phenomena! I just couldn’t stay up late enough (a bit after midnight here) to watch it from So Cal and am so grateful to see your photo – quite beautiful – thank you.

  5. I got to see it from my balcony in melbourne, australia – such a unique sight and rather eerie with it’s blood orange-ness. i tried to take photo’s but my iphone failed to do it justice 🙂

    1. For sure, I use my iphone for photograph and the angle of the lens, well it’s pointless for photographing the moon, far too small … glad you got to see it 🙂

  6. I got some great pictures my daughter and I took this morning. I was actually taking pictures at dawn yesterday so I could be prepared for this. I smiled when I saw your dawn pictures yesterday. IF I ever get to download some of those pictures this week I’ll let you know

    1. 🙂 not sure, I’m late answering comments, due to being a little unwell … hope you found out … there are 3 more this year and 3 next so chances are you’ll see one of them 🙂

      1. I’m not sure, it was just before 6am UK time – and a complete surprise! I’ve since looked it up, a ‘blood moon’, apparently. Three more to come over the next few months as well, so lots to look forward to.

        And hey, great blog, by the way. Always lots to smile about. So, thank you 🙂

      2. You’re welcome … the alert popped up on my iPhone as I have a moon calendar … and yes done a little research now, seems three more this year and next, so if one missed it, it’s “not the end of the world” … no pun intended !

        And thanks, yes I try and mix it up, keeps me and the readers interested 🙂

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