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Imagine – Don Charisma’s Prompt

Today’s prompt – “Imagine”

NB. I’m changing from “writing prompt” to “prompt” as creativity extends to art, design etc, not just writing – so paint, draw or photograph with it if you want. The medium is unimportant, it’s the process that counts – the journey.

Don Charisma Imagine


What if I were a top writer or poet. What if my books or writing or designs were/was seen everywhere. What if I was getting paid millions for my work. What if I looked at this page or Microsoft Word, and my ideas just flowed. What if my teacher had told me “you can write, you’ve all the makings of a great writer, superb”. What if I am good at being creative.

What if he’d said “yes, you’ve got the job”.

What if she’d held my hand and smiled.

What if I was un-limited and never got tired, bored or discouraged.

What if I could create world peace just with the power of my thoughts.

What if I could fly.

What if I could … (*whatever you want*)

If the answer is “No, you can’t imagine that” – My reply, we’re only pretending, just imagining – so can we try again ?

Why? My imagination is the most powerful tool I have. It’s more powerful than Google’s search, it’s more creative than the combined talents of Einstein, Picasso and Mozart. So surely unlocking that tool is a very wise move for me.

How? Everybody’s different – whatever “floats your boat”. I like to put on my sunglasses, my baseball cap and my iPhone booming some banging tunes, go for a brisk early evening walk along the beach, get’s me “pumped” and high without the need for drugs. Someone else might like to relax in the bath with soothing candles. Main thing is make yourself comfortable, safe and enjoying. I don’t know I’m not you, refer to rule one – use your imagination, imagine !

Google doesn’t have the answer. Tamika doesn’t have the answer. Dave doesn’t have the answer. Only you have “the answer”. It’s your imagination that’s important, it’s your imagination that’ll put words on your page, designs into your Photoshop/Illustrator or bread on your table. Think the impossible, the unthinkable, let all be ok.

Don’t write it. Don’t design it. Don’t publish it. Just experience it. If you still want to write, design and publish it, then no problem. Imagination is experiential, so the being is more important than the doing.

… anything’s possible with, *ahem*, imagination 🙂


Don Charisma

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14 thoughts on “Imagine – Don Charisma’s Prompt

  1. Just so you know, this post came at the perfect time for me. I’m stuck on the first draft of my book. About a third of the way through and I’ve hit a wall. No words…just the ideas. The ideas are clear as a bell but I can’t come up with the words.

    I’ve decide to put my writer’s cap aside for a week or two and work on some art projects that have been rattling around in my brain for a while. Maybe, I can let it all relax for a while and when I come back to the writing (I will come back to it) maybe I won’t be so uptight about and the words will flow once again.


    P.S.–Happy Easter!!

    1. Eric, I can’t tell you how much I so know what you mean … sometimes my ideas are so clear in the imagination, and then so challenging to write, draw, design … I can’t give you an answer, solution etc, but I reckon you’re smart guy so you know what to do 🙂 If you do find “the answer” be sure and let me know …

      Very happy that my prompts have inspired you, and always welcome for collaboration if you want to take part in something …



      1. WOW!!

        Thanks for the offer. I’m truly honored.

        Got a few ideas for series posts that we might be able to collaborate on. My dry spell has given me time to think about creativity and what can inspire us or upset the balance. Maybe something along those lines…

        I’ll get in touch with you when things settle down a bit on my side. Too much “real world” stuff happening here at the moment on the home front.

        Best Regards,

      2. You’re welcome … let the home settle down 🙂 … and obviously if you can see an opportunity for both of us, then let’s talk … I do prompts etc … and always very happy for assistance in designing prompts, or opinion posts … think about it and let me know what’s of interest, when you’re ready of course …



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