Beach Cats :)

I saw these two beauties on my evening walk by the beach … they are often quite timid here in Thailand, but helps if you smile and move slowly and confidently … two at once is a new experience for me, usually one or the other runs away …

Cats that is, obviously !

Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma

50 thoughts on “Beach Cats :)

  1. Is it Thailand where you see the kitties with the kinks in their tails (natural genetic mutation not done on purpose)? These two are so pretty! (Yes, I am a closet crazy cat lady! Less closet now…)

  2. I always feel kind of sad for feral animals. They were once proud creatures. Stalking the velt for an Impala. Now, after turning over their dignity to humans; they are reduced to foraging around the streets.

    Last night, I saw a cat running along the side walk and then noticed it was carrying a slice of pizza in it’s mouth. What wild cat would eat pizza??

    I guess the true test would be if it would eat pizza from the Hopf Brew House.

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