Rocky Beach Sunset Pano – Happy Birthday Audrey :)

This one’s for one of my longest readers Audrey Dawn … She’s, well, part of the family almost now 🙂 … and …

It’s her blog’s 1st birthday today – yay!

She asked me for a sunset, so here’s a sunset …

It’s four portrait shots merged with tender loving care in Adobe Photoshop CS6 …

There’s some writing in the sand, my Thai is not very good, but I think it says “Don Charisma you are awesome, we love you !” … but heck I could have got that wrong, so don’t quote me on that 🙂

Oh, and parental guidance is advised if you click on Audrey’s blog, she has, ehem, sexual content 😈

Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma

39 thoughts on “Rocky Beach Sunset Pano – Happy Birthday Audrey :)

  1. When asking something of you, I should really think it through. Nice. I didn’t stop to consider my post today. The one time…and I’m usually really fantastic at first impressions.

    Thank you, Mr. Charisma. I feel like family, even if I haven’t officially made the cut, yet. The waiting list is long, I know.

    I love the sunset, which has been photoshopped with tender loving care. You do have a way of finding the beauty. Not to disappoint you, but the writing you found there, yeah, well, it actually says: Find an airport, Audrey

    Have a wonderful day, DC

    1. Audrey, I didn’t see any hidden agenda or wanting something for nothing, so ask and you may receive !

      As for considering timing etc, forget that shit – see my writing prompt on black box … the “sexual content” as far as I can see in my stats has provided many inquisitive referred clickthoughs to your blog, so couldn’t have timed it better …

      As for making the cut, well you’re a diamond, albeit in the rough, I’m sure the Don Charisma school of charm will bring you up to scratch PMSL !

      Have a good day yourself hun, and thanks for your support, encouragement, wisdom and humour … it’s noted, appreciated and I’m grateful …

      Warm regards

      Don Charisma

      1. Don, you truly are one of a kind. Thank you.

        I read that black box prompt. I will keep it in mind from now on. You make a good point. Yeah, I had a bit of traffic, I agree. Hard to know for sure if the story was well received or not, but I enjoyed showing another side.

        Yeah, something comforting about being the diamond in the rough. Is there an online enrollment for that school? LMAO

        It is easy to support a gentlemen, DC. I couldn’t have said it better…grateful for sure.


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