Thumb and Thumber

This is hilarious … all in response to my writing prompt – … thanks thatssojacob !

That’s So Jacob

51qm0m31jyl_ The concept of a “helpful tips column” has been around for awhile. From Ann Landers to Emily Post, Dear Abby to Heloise, “hints” and “tips” have been at our fingertips, literally, since my grandmother could clip them out of the newspaper and store them in a fancy box in the kitchen. With the decline of the print newspaper (you can argue that it’s not dying, but I’d ask you to read the front page advertisements in  The New York Times  before you stated your case), the advice column is probably what’s taken the biggest beating, along with weather (which is even in cars now), stocks (already outdated by the time the issue hits your hands), and sports scores (24/7 sports television takes care of that). Plus, society has changed; people care less about how to clean the insoles of your shoes than about how to set up a video game…

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4 thoughts on “Thumb and Thumber

      1. Yes, thanks for the PR! Look for more humor posts in the coming days. Today’s is a tribute to the one and only Linda Ronstadt in a Masterpiece Youtube!

      2. You are welcome dude … I do try to turn off comments and likes on reblogs, so they filter through to you … sometimes wordpress seems to override … anyway, keep up the spontaneity, and please do get involved in my future experiments 🙂

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