Tree Flowers

These flowers are on a tree. To shoot them I’m standing on tip-toe with the camera in my outstretched arms. There’s a running debate about whether power cables detract from the beauty of a photo, personally I don’t have a problem with them, to me they add to the photo.

I see the blooms are starting to wither a little, so probably will be seed buds soon !

I’m just the photographer, not a botanist, so no idea what species they are …

“Glorious bloomeria” probably 🙂

Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma

90 thoughts on “Tree Flowers

  1. Hello, fellow blogger! A peaceful day to you!
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  2. The flower image is so powerful I didn’t even notice the cable lines. And yes, now you mention it the lines do add something. I think the contrast between the frilly curly flower petals and the straight lines makes a good combination. Cheers.

  3. I think the cables add a contrast. Not sure what that means or if it comes out right all I know is that I like it. You do some great photography. I wish my health would let me get online more often so I could check your posts more often. They are really good. Thanks for the bright spots in my days.

    1. You are very welcome, and it’s comments like yours that make all the difference against the occasional nasty ones I get … So I keep posting what I like, and hope for the bright spots for you 🙂

  4. Wow, to tell the truth I don’t even notice the power cables. In fact, I find myself drawn to the contrasting colors of the foreground flowers and the colors of the flowers in shadow behind them.

    Excellent capture!!!

    1. Only way I can get you to comment these days ! Hope all is well my friend, you are missed, but I know you’re there if I give you a gentle prod 🙂 … Don’t you think the blurred power cables add something, an urban feel ?

      1. I’m not even entering debate on power cables even though you keep prodding. 😛 I am around – just behind (as usual). I just happened to check that post of yours this morning before the millions still in my inbox lol

      2. Was gonna suggest in terms of getting up to date, visiting your favourite blogs and scanning the feed for posts that stand out. Comment on those and get yourself up to date. Then start afresh. Whilst I love that you comment on every post Suz, I don’t want you to kill yourself doing it … I’m sure your other friends would feel the same way hun 🙂

      3. My emails only come from particular blogs now but they still add up.
        Not trying to kill myself but severely restricting my computer use so that I spend time doing other things.

      4. OK, you know best way for you … and you know what I mean, make sure you get the balance you need in your life … I’ve had to implement similar measures at my end, otherwise I’d just be blogging 24/7 and that isn’t healthy !

      5. Nope. It certainly isn’t. !!!
        My morning is running out and I have to finish my A-Z post for today before getting ready for work.
        Hugs my friend. Take care.

      6. … almost anything … I can think of and have experienced worse things … but yes who likes to start back to work after a weekend’s rest !

      7. Still Sunday night here dearest, Aussie ladies are a bit forward, like the time zone they live in LOL … bed for me soon, it’s gone 4am, and I do need my beauty sleep 🙂

  5. They look a little like rhododendrons.
    This species is trying to be eradicated in the UK as it has become so invasive.
    Weird really trying to get rid of something so beautiful.
    Yet they are attacking the natural understory, and no one likes to see that!

  6. The power lines in this instance add dimension and flow through the shot.

    I think it depends on the shot on whether power lines should be removed or not. Sometimes they do deter from the main subject, but in this instance they do not.

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