Ocean Slipway Sunset Panorama

Lovely colours – this one blends in with the rocks on the side of the slipway very beautifully 🙂


Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma

35 thoughts on “Ocean Slipway Sunset Panorama

  1. So beautiful. I grew up by the beach. Just takes my breath away..I’m sure I should be saying something about the awesome photography and lens. But I have no idea about that stuff. Would love to have a full mural on my hospital wall of it……

    1. Don’t worry, I don’t know much about lenses etc … I just keep on taking photos until something good turns up on the screen … all my best wishes to you in hospital … warm regards Don Charisma

  2. So beautiful! The colours are so wonderfully intense, especially the blues. I could look at this for hours. Thanks for elevating my morning cuppa to new heights!

  3. I love that the cloud shapes seem to imitate those of the sea. Also the composition has a shape and flow to it that makes me imagine the ocean is wrapping up the day and tucking the sun up for the night enfolding it x a great photo x

  4. You know all of these sunsets are pretty, but what just wriggled into my brain as I was looking at this last one is: what’s on the other side of that rocky out crop. Can you show me? Curious. Thanks for the pics and informative posts.

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