Big Sky Beach Sunset Panorama

Rather nice looking sunset taken today – first one on hitting the beach 🙂

Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma

33 thoughts on “Big Sky Beach Sunset Panorama

  1. Very pretty my friend.
    Hey, you know our conversations we’ve had about search terms? Well I’ve got one to top it. I actually had a comment calling me Don and telling me how much they enjoyed my blog. lol

    1. Thanks hun, how’s the battle with the 600 going ?

      Told you, you should be writing more post about me … or you could rename your blog – ?

      1. I haven’t done 900 posts Suz, so you’ve been unfaithful I think, naughty girl !

        Aw, really, you’re not going to change … I’m sad now 😦

      2. 😆 suz, hun, we’re friends so take all the time you need … I don’t expect you to read every post, but if you want to then I’m happy … I value your friendship more than reading every post, you proved yourself a good friend ages ago 🙂

      1. Saw too many of them on the farm, because I was always up before God, getting breakfast for the workaholics in the group, before going back to bed. Haven’t seen one since the divorce.

  2. What is deep?
    Sea,sand and sorrow.
    What is brief?
    Today and tomorrow.
    What is fragile?
    Spring blossoms and youth.
    What is forever?
    The ocean and truth.
    Author unknown

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