Beach Sunset Splash Closeup

This was one of yesterday’s photography experiments, a new angle on things … remember what I was saying yesterday !

Basically I rest the camera on the sand and shoot the sunset. I got lucky with this one, the wave happened at just the right moment !

I could decide on the very “warm” original vs this cooler edited one. Something grabbed me about the edited one so here it is 🙂

Yes the horizon is on a slant – I like it like that. Rotating and cropping would reduce the field of view so I decided against it.

Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma

48 thoughts on “Beach Sunset Splash Closeup

  1. Don, I really LOVE this one – the perspective of the shot is AMAZING, and the midair suspension of the water droplets from the surf is gorgeous! 🙂

  2. I love the way the aspect of the picture makes you feel so small, because the reality is theres alot of big ocean out there, and here you are at the very edge of it…

  3. I love the photo. And possibly tomorrow, instead of keeping my follow up appointment with the surgeon, I’ll be downstairs taking photos of the ice damage outside. The sleet has been falling all day and due to continue most of the night, so I’m not eager to slide my way to keep that appointment, or to put someone else at risk driving me there.

    I want to see a sunrise again before I die of extremely old age, like in another 50 years.

  4. Каква природа – истинско вълшебство! Като нарисувана картина. Но не – всичко е реално. Виждам ореола на залеза и кристалната вълна – немирница. Запленяващо и възхитително! Кога ще стигна този бряг на мечтите?

    1. “What nature – a real magic! As the painting. But no – it’s real. I see a halo of sunset and crystal wave – nemirnitsa. Fascinating and delightful! When will I get this coast dream?”

      Thanks hun, much appreciated 🙂

      1. Благодаря много! Аз искам да кажа на целия свят , че днес 03.03 е национален празник на моята родина. Да пребъде България!

      2. “Thanks a lot! I want to tell the whole world that today 03.03 is a national holiday of my homeland. Thy Bulgaria!”

        Holidays in Bulgaria, yay !

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