Bangkok Airport Suvarnabhumi Messed Up Pano iPhone

Bangkok, Suvarnabhumi Airport Messed Up Pano

This pano got entirely messed up, not sure whether it was the phone than did it or whether I didn’t keep the phone level when I was panning … Anyway, just wanted to show people that I do get shots that aren’t picture perfect, and this is a prime example … if you don’t like it, actually, really, seriously, I don’t care and you don’t need to tell me, I didn’t publish it as an excellent example of my best work !

Tricks I’ve learnt with the iPhone’s built in pano are to keep it as level as possible whilst panning. For my beach sunsets I use the horizon and keep it at the same place in the shot as I pan. Take a pano left to right and then another one right to left. That way if the exposure isn’t set correctly or you mess something up you have two photos. It doesn’t take much extra time. For sunsets I always try and get the sun or the brightest part of the sky in the starting shot, otherwise it’s very difficult to get the exposure correct.

You could do a “dry run” to see how your own body will move whilst your taking the pano, a good idea for beginners. For experts it’s is possible to just rotate JUST the phone, but requires a bit of practice and skill. Use this technique if there are objects close the camera like railings or you’ll get errors in the panorama.

This pano’s not been edited, only shrunk for publishing in Photoshop, so it’s as it came off of my iPhone 4s. I would have adjusted if it had been “for publishing” because as it stands this shot doesn’t do justice to what it really looks like, colour and tone wise.

There’s a bigger image, so worth a click if you’re interested to see the larger image. Bangkok Airport Suvarnabhumi Messed Up Pano iPhone Bangkok Airport Suvarnabhumi Messed Up Pano iPhone

Taken in Thailand, (c) Don Charisma 2014

55 thoughts on “Bangkok, Suvarnabhumi Airport Messed Up Pano

      1. I’ve been through Abu Dhabi on my stopover with Etihad, it looks arrid, and probably muslim, which means probably not that fun for a youngish man like myself … Thailand is green, warm/hot and bit cheaper to live, and buddhists are easier going people on the whole, so it’s more relaxed … so happy I made the move …

        How about you ?

      2. Oh no, you’re so wrong, Abu Dhabi is a great place, especially for a young man or woman!! I understand all the benefits you’ve stated about Thailand, my Mum keeps telling me the same things as she tries to sell it to me, but don’t be under any illusions about AD. I love it, I don’t want her to leave!!!

      3. Could be, Thailand was very different from what I expected … So if I ever get any money together, I’ll make a trip in Abu Dhabi and check it out …

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