Ice Rink Canada Square - Canary Wharf iPhone

Don Charisma’s Week Off

I’ve been back to the homeland, UK, London. It’s cold, damp and grey, but I did manage to find a little sunshine along the way.

I’ve travelled more than 12000 miles in a week, Thailand to UK and back again. Things like jetlag, well jetlag is for wimps, now I have double jetlag !

Joking aside I think I often don’t plan for my limits. That is where I become exhausted through lack of sleep, working too hard and just overdoing it. This catches up with me, and when there are unexpected extra tasks, that do always come up, I get to collapse point.

Before I left I saw something circulating on Facebook. I don’t remember the exact wording it was along the lines that “depression and breakdown are normal, they are the result of having to be strong for too long”. It was a mental health awareness poster. And I think they are probably right. Many people push themselves beyond their limits of endurance, mental and sometimes physical. The consequence, we break. Is this a bad thing ? NO I don’t believe it is, it’s simply our minds and bodies screaming for rest that we so badly need in order to rest and repair.

They say “No man is an island”, so I think in part these charisma lapses can be avoided to a certain extent by the quality of our friends and family. But we need to be friends for others when they have pushed themselves beyond. Otherwise it doesn’t work.

So I think stop with this attitude that we are limitless. We are simply not limitless. Human beings have limits, are vulnerable and do break. Not because they/we/I are weak, but in fact because they’ve/we’ve/I’ve been incredibly strong.

To have a good sleep, rather boldly go where no man has gone before … Anyway …

I managed to get a few photos, mainly panoramas, as that’s my favourite style of photography. I even managed to catch a stormy sunset in London, which I will post later. Hopefully the nay-sayers will realise that there are beautiful sunsets almost everywhere, not just in warm, beachy places.

So here’s the ice rink at Canada Square in Canary Wharf London (click for larger size) : Ice Rink Canada Square - Canary Wharf iPhone Ice Rink Canada Square – Canary Wharf iPhone

Photo (c) Don Charisma 2014

64 thoughts on “Don Charisma’s Week Off

  1. With you gone from your blog for a bit and all the turmoil in Thailand, I worried about you and your girlfriend. You did reply today to another note that you’re both OK and that’s good to know. Good that you’re fine if a bit jet lagged.

    1. Double jetlag, and got a couple of extra hours sleep today in the bank, so all good …

      I think the media overblow situations, and actually the journey back from the airport on SUnday in taxi you wouldn’t know that anything was happening … But I do treat the situation seriously, I like being alive in liberty, and aim to stay that way 🙂

      good to hear from you Sharon, hope all is well your end 🙂

      Warm regards


  2. Welcome back, Don. Sorta missed you.

    You’re bang on with the balanced lifestyle / not pushing yourself too hard for too long philosophy. When your life is stuck in high gear, you can’t go slowly enough to appreciate the scenery.

    Liked the photo too. Used to be an ice hockey goalie until old age caught up with me in 2007 or so.

    1. I get that Nav, and the feeling’s mutual, guess we’ll just have to be happy that we sorta missed each other 🙂

      You are definitely a multi-talented navigator, ice-hockey isn’t for the feint hearted !

      How’s the book coming on ?



      1. It was gentleman’s non-contact hockey, so not too bad. Still, there were some guys with absolute canons for snapshots. Too bad for them I had a quick glove. };-)>

        Received the galley proof .pdf, and the troops rallied magnificently to help me proof read it. Caught a bun bunch of errors, and sent it back to the next revision round. I should be getting it back any day now for revision round 2.

        I’m hoping to get it done by end February, but we’ll see.



      2. Ah so not all out war zone ice hockey then ! Glad to hear …

        I’m a slow reader so wait for the final book to come out, I hope you can make some difference and it’ll be a success for you.

        Warm regards


  3. Hi Don! I am glad your back. I was missing you :). Anyways, rest a lot! You need it and deserve it.

  4. Welcome back my friend. It’s all about that damn “Moderation”. You know that thing I suck at? I’m working really hard on it, and it sounds like you’re thinking about it. LOL Glad you’re back, now get some rest. No collapsing allowed.
    Peace out,
    Wild Thang 🙂

      1. No, it sure doesn’t! I’m really struggling with it, myself. All is better than nothing, though, right? No, I know it’s supposed to be moderation, damn it anyway. I’ll keep working on it and you better be doing the same, mister. LOL 🙂

      2. Doing my best hun, although it’s 4.25am and I’ve been promising myself sleeping at “normal” times … just keep on trying, persistence pays off 🙂

      3. Yes, one step at a time, but seems to me like we’re taking thousands of steps at a time. We better really try to focus on this damn thing. LOL:)

      1. The usual. Had a bit of a rough week personally last week (but then if you read my blog you’d know that 😉 😛 ) but all good. Off to the ENT today about the cicadas. Hopefully will get some answers. Been guest posting on Harsh Reality…. the usual stuff lol

      2. I haven’t read anyone’s blog for a week, it’s literally been no time … Ah so you’ve hit the big time on Harsh reality, I’ll check it out when I have a minute … hope the ENT will find a solution 🙂

  5. I must be psychic – I suddenly realised posts from you were missing this morning and stooged around to see what was happening. And about 5 mins later your post popped up. I burned out and ended up with fibromyalgia so I always urge people to take care of themselves and not end up wiped out and no use to themselves or anyone else. Balance is the key (although I cant’ really say I’ve lead a balanced life!).

  6. Здравейте! Вие много добре разказвате, увлекателно, интересно. Човек започва да съпреживява заедно с Вас. Колко са силите на човека – това е много важен въпрос.Може би понякога се опитваме да се надскочим, а друг път се подценяваме. А ледената пързалка – благодаря, че ни заведохте там!

    1. Благодаря, аз правя всичко по силите си, за да го кажа като това е 🙂

      Ice пързалка направи бърз снимка …

      Надявам се да са добре

      Топлите пожелания


      1. Вашето внимание е много ценно за мен. Аз виждам колко много хора има край Вас и си мечтая да бъдат и мои приятели. Мисля, че не съм интересен блогър,може би защото се нуждая от преводач на своите текстове. Не спирам да се надявам, че ще се намери в света такъв човек. Виждате, може би се нуждая от съвети. Но отново – вниманието Ви ме прави щастлива. На добър час!

      2. Вие сте добре дошли. Току-що се опита да направи всичко по силите си с преводача.

        Blogging отнема време и търпение, това е всичко, което трябва 🙂

        Топлите пожелания


      3. Трудно ми е, Дон, не само с превода.Може би вече нямам търпение. Но аз стигнах до малко отчаяние , че няма кой да прочете моя блог. Не знам дали правилно съм разбрала, но прочетох за някакви пари, които ще ми струва. Това не мога да си го позволя. Не разбрах- и някаква премия… Дано не съм Ви в тежест с моите неизяснени въпроси. Благодаря Ви за всичко! Изтрих последния пост, наистина нищо не струваше. До скоро!

      4. Няма проблем скъпа. Тя също ще стане много зает в моя блог somtimes имам 250 коментари да отговори на един ден. Аз правя всичко по силите си, за да отговаряте на хора в други езици 🙂

        Надявам се, че всичко е добре.

        Топлите пожелания


      5. Много сте внимателен, благодаря за подкрепата.! чувствам се малко неудобно , че Ви ангажирам със себе си. За мен е направо приказка, че сме толкова далеч и разговаряме. Всичко хубаво!

      6. Ние можем да направим всичко по силите си, понякога имам време, понякога и аз не правя 🙂

        Топлите пожелания


  7. Welcome back again. Happy to see, that you surrived Bangkok with all the troubles there Sunday.
    About the depression; It is not caused weakness, but because we have been strong to long time, that we go down.
    Take very good care of yourself not to go to that point. Then the way back can be very long and I do say so caused my own experiences. Stress can be positive or negative, which describe this very well.
    Best Wishes

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