Interior Panorama Bowling Cafe PTGui-4w-x-1h-P

Interior “Cafe” Panorama

Sometimes I like to use pano photography for interiors. This is the cafe at the bowling alley in the central shopping center.

Enjoy !

This panorama is merged 4 photos – 4w x 1h portrait, done with PTGui Pro Interior Panorama Bowling Cafe PTGui-4w-x-1h-P Interior Panorama Bowling Cafe PTGui-4w-x-1h-P

Photos taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma 2013

15 thoughts on “Interior “Cafe” Panorama

    1. I’ve been playing with the built in pano function on iPhone, also with mixed results. One immediate bugbear is the complete inability of the iphone to keep a flat horizon, no idea how I’m gonna correct a distorted horizon in Photoshop … Never tried an app to do it on iphone, my dekstop has 6 core CPU and 8GB memory, so seems logical place to be doing it … Hugin is free … Microsoft ICE is free and I’ve got an article on how to get Canon Photostich for free too … I use PTGui Pro because it’s given the best consistent results.



      1. I never had a flat horizon in any of the photos I posted on my post yesterday morning. I had to go into photoshop and straighten them. They weren’t curved thank goodness or there would have been all kinds of difficulty. I would imagine that using the warp tool might assist there – or cause even more kinds of trouble.
        I just wanted to play with it whilst I was at the beach and away from my computer so I downloaded the stitch program. It certainly has some bugs and sometimes told me there was no point in common between the photos. But I still got a couple of nice ones. 🙂

      2. Interestingly I posted about that exact same thing … great minds ! Saw your panos, good job 🙂

        There is lens correction and fish-eye correction tools in PS that have done a fantastic job fixing horizon …

        The tools would also fix the window uprights on this one 🙂

      3. Thanks for the compliments. I had to do a bit of cloning where there were odd things like half bodies of people walking past but not too bad.
        I have an earlier version of PS and pretty sure I don’t have those tools you mentioned. It works for me though 🙂

  1. Nice one Don! I keep forgetting to try this with my DSLR. It has that option although I’ve stitched pics together in photoshop before just to see how it works. Maybe I’ll post one on my blog.

    1. I’m using the built in iPhone panarama function more and more because it save me time … and for lazy people like us, time we definitely need to save time 🙂

      Warm regards


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