Happy New Year From Thailand

Happy New Year 2014 From Don Charisma

Happy new year 2014 from Don Charisma, it’s a new year here now in  Thailand 🙂 Happy New Year From Thailand Happy New Year From Thailand

Photos (c) Don Charisma, taken in Thailand, 2013

94 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2014 From Don Charisma

  1. Happy New Year Year plus a couple of days Don. Have been trying to sleep off a sinus headache since Christmas with no luck so I’m shopping for a sand blaster now. If that doesn’t work maybe a guillotine. Maybe move to Iceland or someplace they have no allergens.

    1. Happy New Year also 🙂

      I get a sinus headache from time-to-time, haven’t been able to nail it down to a direct cause or solution, it eventually clears up on it’s own. Extremes in temperature don’t help, it’s cold there and warm inside, opposite here. I found “iliadin” helped a bit and can be got in nasal spray, however they warn of addiction. Personally I used it, then stopped when I didn’t need anymore, without issue. It just seems to open up the sinus and clear it a little.



      1. I use a few drops of eucalyptus and peppermint oils on a cotton ball and inhale several times a day. It helps most of the time, but this one is a doozy that just seems to keep on going. Guess there are just some things you have to live with, especially in this area.

      2. Try and graduate the temperature changes hot to cold, when going inside and outside, might help and I read that it was a possible cause the sharp change from hot to cold or vice versa …

    1. Happy New Year Ann, and thanks for being a friend for ever, even though you thought I was a Buddhist LOL

      I’m definitely not out to persuade people in their religious beliefs, just some great photos, if it was Christian here, then they would have been photos of churches 🙂 I’m happy for everyone who peacefully and lovingly practices whatever religion they choose.

      Wishing you everything your heart desires in 2014, and hope our friendship will continue to grow :):):)

      Happy New Year


      1. Thanks Don 🙂 Huh? When did I say or think such a thing. I don’t judge anybody, my friend 🙂 I just practice being me 🙂 yes, by faith, we will continue to grow as friends and bloggers 🙂 I pray nothing but awesome blessings to you in 2014 Don!! Enjoy your day!

      2. You are welcome, and that mirrors my experience. For dental work, expect pain OR no pain no gain 🙂

        My teeth have settled and are serving me well. I’m getting much much better at taking care of them because it cost me a fortune, and I don’t want to visit the dentist too much again unless I have to.

      3. I had to learn to talk and eat again. The new teeth got chipped a little in the process and dentist refused to help. Now I eat everything with extreme caution, mindful of nut-shells, bits of grit etc, which could break the crown adhesive or chip the teeth. So far only one came off, and that was eating caramel, dentist glued it back in again 🙂

    1. Hey Irene, sorry for late reply, often I’m up to 100 comments behind these days, but don’t forget my friends. If I miss a comment, sorry in advance 🙂

      You are most welcome, you’ve been a persistent friend to me and that counts for a lot, to me:)

      I hope that 2014 will bring all that your heart desires, and that our friendship will continue to grow …

      Happy New Year


    1. Hey Anna, you are very very welcome, I keep posting them and ignoring the critics, because I know there are people who enjoy seeing other parts of the world and may never get to visit.

      keep in touch.

      Happy New YEar


  2. Честита Нова година! Не знаех, че сте от Тайланд. При нас има още 3 часа, докато посрещнем 2014. Радвам се, че се подкрепяме толкова отдалече. Още веднъж благодаря за вниманието към мен!Желая Ви щастие и успех! Имам чувството, че чрез Вас се свързвам с целия свят. Това беше моята мечта и Вие я осъществихте. Хайде да работим един за друг – мисля ,че това е голямото приятелство!

    1. Вие сте добре дошли, и аз знам, че съм пред много на света в момента. Аз съм с Google превежда да говори, както аз не зная кой да е български!

      Радвам се да се правят нови приятели и щастлив да видя моя блог достигайки толкова много хора и места 🙂

      Happy New Year

      Don Charisma

      1. It’s true, there’s a spark of a fond affection that seems to have been kindled can’t quite put a finger on when it started 🙂 PMSL

        Happy New Year


      2. LOL, probably best burst this one before it gets out of hand 🙂

        Didn’t need the warm regards as I said nice things in the body of the message …


        Don Charisma

      3. I’ve been called worse, women’s favourite seems to be attempting to belittle men’s masculinity, so definitely a step up from that ! What was it that Maggie Thatcher said about her getting satisfaction from severe personal attacks, because she knew they didn’t have a single political argument left 🙂

        So I take that as a compliment !



      4. The sleep was not near enough, yet I have plans to recover some hours in the near future.

        Billy Idol was mostly before my time, but it was White Wedding that started all the feminine screaming. LOL It just progressed from there.

        Surely you’ve been in a similar place. 🙂

        Happy Thursday, Mr. Charisma.


      5. Yup, often sleep deprivation eats at my soul, usually I catch up and all is forgotten again until the next time 🙂

        So Justin Beiber isn’t “your time” … who knew 🙂

        As for screaming feminines, can’t you ladies think of something more original ? Broken record springs to mind … and not sure “progressed” would be the right word, perhaps “regressed” as you first suggested ?

        Happy Thursday too


      6. Yes, nights like those are few and far between. I blame my siblings.

        I’m somewhere between Idol and Beiber. LOL

        Twas a peer pressured event. Quiet frankly, I think the men who accompanied us enjoyed our shenanigans. Our very responsible shenanigans, mind you. Regressed? Yea, so what. 🙂

        Good Night, DC.

        Happy Regards,

  3. Happy new year! Around 5 hours to go for my neck of the woods to hit 2014. Sadly I am spending it at work (grumble, grumble.)

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