Bike Sheds Towerama PTGui-1w-x-4h-L

Bike Stand Canopy, Towerama

Taking photos has enhanced my ability to look at things and see beauty where I wouldn’t have paid attention before. Out one morning just around the side of my apartment building, looked back and thought, that is awesome, breathtaking, why didn’t I notice that before. Perhaps it’s the morning sunlight, as I’m often more of a night person.

The trees are cut on one side so that they don’t overshadow neighbouring properties. These trees must be 75 feet tall and grow to form this stunning canopy over the bike stand.

In order to get a wide enough angle I’ve merged vertically 4 landscape photos with PTGui Pro. Bike Sheds Towerama PTGui-1w-x-4h-L Bike Sheds Towerama PTGui-1w-x-4h-L

Photos (c) Don Charisma, taken in Thailand 2013

28 thoughts on “Bike Stand Canopy, Towerama

  1. Im naming your photo of trees “The Cathedral, this is what the shape reminds me of…How dare I lol. You have captured nature’s beauty at her height; the sunlight, the intermingling of the brown, green, with the backgound of the blue sky, then accented by the lined walk way. I would like to walk through and under this engaging path. Beautifully done :).

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