Beach Sunset Panorama 3 - PTGUI-6w-x-1h-P

Beach Sunset Panorama, Blues and Yellows

Took this one a little while back. Some fantastic blues and yellows 🙂 I do love my sunsets !

Quite often a cloudless sky makes for a less interesting sunset. The best ones are just the right amount of clouds, obviously too much and everything is obscured.

Also sunsets are almost always different colours and patterns, because of the clouds, obviously. And the whole process is normally less than 45 minutes.

It’s six portrait shots joined together with PTGui Pro, and final edits in Photoshop CS6.

I give you the blues and yellows : Beach Sunset Panorama 3 - PTGUI-6w-x-1h-P Beach Sunset Panorama 3 – PTGUI-6w-x-1h-P

Photos (c) Don Charisma, taken Thailand, Nov-2013

39 thoughts on “Beach Sunset Panorama, Blues and Yellows

  1. Beautiful. I love sunsets also. I’m sure a sunrise would be nice, but they come too early in the morning for me. After last night, just a glimpse of the sun would be nice. Wind, hail, sleet, storm, tornado sirens, electricity out. Not a good time at all. So glad I found the portable chargers for my e-reader.

  2. I would argue this is as beautiful as a sunset or….sun rise. How can you tell the difference anyways in photo whether the sun is coming up over the horizon or it´s going down.

    I think you tricked me with your charisma…not drunk by the way.

    1. I know was just teasing about the drink … you do it to me, so two way street my friend … if you can’t take it don’t give it !

      I don’t know the exact technical differences between sunset and sunrise, but they do definitely look different … did you try googling it ?

      All good in Espania ?

      1. I´m a MAN!! errrr! I can take it, but it I really didn´t know what you where talking about, or better said, I didn´t get your teasing.

        I´ll go to wikepedia to see the difference, they know everything….

        Not so good,today I´m going in writing-internet hiatus for a while since I gotta go to Malaga and spend Christmas with my uncle at the hospital. So that´s that, fuck it, it´s life.

        Hope you have a great christmas over there, I sure you will that´s for sure. Merry Christams Mr. Carisma and stay frosty.

        P.S. I´ll be back though, don´t forget me, I´ll have an eye on you when I´m back……that´s should creep you out.

      2. Dude, their was a little dog sleeping in the corner of the photo, it’s hardly jumping out of the screen, that’s why I thought you must have consumed some beer … or just taking the piss, either way seeing a humorous side 🙂

        Life’s life my friend, good to have some family around at xmas …

        Same for you Charly, as we say in England, “Don’t let the bastards grind you down”.

        I won’t forget you, how could I ?

      1. They were very friendly in the South Pacific too. The only people that were kind of chappy were the French nationals who had moved there…. 🙂

      2. Interesting, I had a rude message from a french man today, and I’ve had other french people leave rude messages before… not sure if there’s a pattern, but perhaps it’s understandable why my fellow English don’t like them so much …

      3. Your fellow English are not the only ones who find the French to be a bit arrogant…..if I may understate it a bit 🙂

      4. Things are going pretty good except for my hair……I decided it was time to cut off my roughly 12” (longer than that measured from scalp) of hair and go with a cute little short bob. OMG! I knew it would be bad this morning, but I had no idea! I look like Einstein!

        And, yes, ignore the rudeness of the French. They cannot help it. They’re French.

        So, plans for a Thailand Christmas, or do you do Christmas? I do it for my family. I, myself, am Buddhist. Sorry about the hair thing….I am in shock and having phantom hair pain 🙂

      5. Just had a polite one today, so balances it out and yes I’m going to ignore rude people from now on, far to busy with friendly people …

        I’m not religious myself, I think Buddhism got some very good principles, and in pure form I like it as a religion 🙂

        I’m here in thailand, will be with a friend from sydney, my GF and her sister, maybe the GF’s family will come to visit, not sure yet …

        Hope you’re feeling better about the hair soon !

      6. Oh the hair will be fine. I was just shocked this a.m. with the mad scientist hair. 🙂

        Sounds like a good Christmas. Mine will be small too. But, I think I prefer it that way,

        Do not concern yourself with rude people. it is my firm belief they are fundamentally unhappy about something.

        Have a great Holiday, and congrats on the Blog awards for the year!

      7. Good to hear, my experience when I wasn’t shaven-headed was that hair always looks shocking in the morning !

        Like to keep it small, same as you …

        I don’t too much, but we’re all affected by external circumstances, no amount of “blaming the ego” will solve that, at least not in my experience !

        Happy Christmas and MErry New YEar 🙂

      8. The shock is less this morning now that I know that I shall wake up looking like a mad scientist 🙂 If I could go bald, I would but that’s really only a good look for guys. It had been so long for years that it sort of just weighed itself down, and all I had to do was brush and we were good to go.

        You have a Happy Christmas and Merry New Year, too, and continue your adventure in Thailand! So jealous! But in a good way 🙂

      9. I think you did…..but have a great Christmas in your paradise by the ocean! That Christmas tree and Santa thing in Thailand is just very unusual 🙂

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