Toad On The Road

I went out for a walk around the outside of my apartment building last night. Around the block, so to speak. And who’s this cure little follow, a BIG toad, like a coca-cola can height for his body length. Quite photogenic for wildlife, probably wondering what the hell I was doing flashing lights at him. Anyway, I left him safe and peaceful, hopefully with many toad-years left to live 🙂 Toad On The Road Toad On The Road

Photos (c) Don Charisma, taken Thailand, Nov-2013

48 thoughts on “Toad On The Road

      1. There’s a lot of power cables that run into where my apartment block is, Thailand’s just like that. In UK we bury a lot of the cables in cities, but you’ll find overhead elsewhere. It’s expensive to dig up everytime a new cable needs to be layed/repaired.

        All set for the big day Mrs Early Bird ?

      2. Not quite. I have to work today. We’re having a lunch at work for everyone who is around the office (and a few coming in for it). Guess whose been given the task of buying everything and preparing the lunch. I guess on the positive side, it means less time doing actual work! lol
        What about you? What are you doing for Christmas?

      3. You ? … Left my xmas shopping last minute, as always, so will have to make an effort tomorrow. Not have much money so will have to spread it thin !

        My girlfriend’s sister’s boyfriend is over for Christmas so we’ll probably spend it with them 🙂

      4. A little money goes a long way in Thailand does it not? Good luck with your Christmas shopping.
        Tonight we’ve got the kids and grandkids coming over. It should be LOUD and fun (they are all 6 and under). It’s always fun to see their faces when they are opening presents.
        Tomorrow, it is just us for part of the day and then my in-laws are coming for lunch. My parents were supposed to be coming down but they are both sick and can’t travel. So it will be quiet (apart from tonight). 🙂

      5. Yes, but I’m forever getting squeezed and squeezed, you know me I do my best ! … sounds like by end of boxing day you’ll be ready to collapse !

        Awards are coming up, you’re on the list 🙂

  1. A friend wanted some “fertilizer” for her garden when I was on the farm, so I helped her pick some up. Showed her the dried piles, that were safe to pick up, but some of the ones she chose were only dry on top. She had to call her hubs to bring the truck to take the stuff home, because didn’t want the odor in her car. Still tease her about that one.

      1. Hope you slept well. Up all night with lots of storm activity so probably will be getting to bed early tonight. Wanted to stay up and watch movies one night but fell asleep almost as soon as the first one started.

  2. Just dropped by to thank you for following my blog. Wondered what brought you there and hope you continue to find something of interest there. You have many interesting photos. Toads are not something most people think of taking photos of but they are interesting creatures.

    1. You are welcome, and tis lovely to hear from you at Christmas time. I have a variety of interests, so hard to say why I’d follow one blog rather than another, friendly, honest people mostly.

      Happy Christmas and Merry New Year

      Warm regards

      Don CHarisma

      1. Well Happy Christmas and and extra Merry New Year to you as well. I like eclectic interests. I enjoyed your photograph as my son is an avid photographer and tries hard to teach me about it. I don’t see well enough to take the photos, just to enjoy them. Hope to see you dropping by again.

  3. Oh that’s cute! In the area I grew up in (before it was overrun by development), we had tons of toads in the road. At night, you had to swerve down the street as if drunk to avoid flattening them…. yeah, he probably was wondering what the hell this crazy human was up to 🙂

    1. The last one I posted jumped up and bumped into my leg … this one I had the good sense to spot !

      And yes where I grew up there was a time of year that frogs used to migrate and they used to cover the roads, was virtually impossible to drive without squashing a great many …

      1. You can pick em up, probably I’d rather wait until they’re sun dried, and even then it’s making me queezy think about it … I did find a road-kill giant millipede this morning in the same area, and that was fairly gross, I won’t go into details !

      2. Do they have really big bugs in Thailand? And, it sounds like you have decided to stay for a while…..Cool!

      3. They have centipede in UK it’s about 1-2 inches long, this thing was about 8 inches long. I thought it was a plastic toy until it moved. My girlfriend told me to stay away from the last one I saw, I think they bite or sting … and yes all year round warm/hot climate, better standard of living and money going further all appeal very much, so I’ll be here for a while. DC

      4. Sounds cool to me! When I was in French Polynesia a few years ago, I found a paradise on earth, and was desperately trying to find a way to stay on at least for a few months, but they have very strict guidelines about who can move to the islands. Obviously, French citizens take precedence. Still trying to figure out a way to do it. They have warm but not hot weather year round, excellent food, no homelessness, everyone has a job, everyone has a house no matter how simple, and minimum wage of $9.50 USD. Our minimum wage just went up a few years ago to $7.50……its ridiculous. Thailand would be cool, too, its on my list.

        The centipedes are about 4-5 inches. I think it is the high desert climate. We have all manner of weird bugs. But, on the bright side, most do not fly! Thank goodness they are earthbound. In Florida, and some other coastal southern states they have the Palmetto bug, and it is like a giant cockaroach that flies. I don’t think i could live with that….

      5. Yes Thailand is a nice place, and I do hope to explore more of the world, but finances don’t allow at the moment.

        The worst I’ve seen here in Thailand is a hard bodied wasp, about 1.5 inches long. I tried to kill one, and actually it’s quite hard, eventually crushed it with something … I really don’t want to get stung by one of those guys, especially on a boat where it’s hours to hospital.

      6. Yikes! 1.5 inches long….I do not like flying stinging things……I wouldn’t want to get stung by either, a regular sting is bad enough!

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