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Don Charisma, “Who is this guy? – Solid bro or not. ?”

Well in my opinion “Solid”, obviously.

WTF????? – Some odd traffic arrived in my stats. On investigation it’s “Yancy’s Secret Beer Garden” a forum, which actually isn’t all that secret, as messages are viewable by the public, and anyone can join ! Yancy's Secret Beer Garden Logo Yancy’s Secret Beer Garden Logo

The OP is someone named “undo”. I have yet to discover who he is or why he was asking who I am. Curiosity ? Gossip ? Dirt-digging ? Who knows ? So I embarked on a journey to find out.

I joined the forum see what it was all about, and “undo” seems to have lost his appetite for finding out who I am, ah bless, so I’ve asked him who he is and whether he has any questions for me 🙂

It’s also been suggested humorously that he’s a recruiter for the “Members-Only Ninja Turtles Fan Forum”, which would suggest that he’s a younger person.

And lucky, lucky me, what a cool bunch of bros in the “Beer Garden/Forum”, I’ve already made some new friends. They are already discussing “robust women” and asking me what kind of Pizzas I like … Don Charisma’s fame just seems to know no bounds !


Don Charisma

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