Sleeping Homer

Occasional This Feels Like Work

Usually a sign I’m exhausted, and that’s when it’s time for some sleep or take a break … So I’m taking the first option:) Sleeping Homer Sleeping Homer

More fun tomorrow !


Don Charisma

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Sleeping Homer

20 thoughts on “Occasional This Feels Like Work

      1. I was on antibiotics off and on for 5 weeks. The course finished a few days ago and problem is worsening again. I was advised to go to hospital which I ignored and went back to the clinic, but I reckon they just want to sell me tablets, around $75 last time. A friend had a similar problem the doctor at the hospital sorted it out straight away, at much reduced expense.

        So hopefully it’s nothing too serious and these guys will fix Don Charisma LOL



      2. Geez Don! I’m so sorry to hear this. Thank you for sharing that with me. Hopefully you’ll be good as new with even more Charisma (if that’s possible!), hehe.

      3. LOL, told you as much as possible without going into details, there are several possible causes, hoping to avoid surgery and obviously want to nip whatever it is in the bud as things can get a lot worse if untreated.

        I’m not really suffering pain wise it’s a little sore at the moment, that’s it.

        Hopefully it’ll be something simple and easy to treat, and will have worried for nothing !



    1. Dude, you certainly speak your mind … and personally I don’t care whether you think I look charismatic or not !

      Glad you got categories sorted, usually that kind of thing just takes persistence even for AN EXTREMELY CHARISMATIC LOOKING PERSON LIKE ME LOL !

      1. Ditto! When I came across the photo you posted, I burst out laughing. I need to give it a break as well, your first option sounds good to me. 🙂

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