Night Beach Scene FIREWORKS Loy Catong Festival

Firework Beach Pano, Loy Catong Festival

I was lucky enough to be panning when the firework went off and capture this beautiful red explosion. Even managed to get the puff of smoke on the ground. Lucky shot, in all honesty.

Photographing fireworks is a challenge. Possibly better equipment might help, but night photography is a little bit specialist anyway, in my experience. It’s all to do with the light and at night there isn’t much, so that means longer exposure times and holding the camera more still. Next time I’m near fireworks I will try a video, as I think this might work better.

From memory this is 3 or 4 portrait shots stitched together. Night Beach Scene FIREWORKS Loy Catong Festival Night Beach Scene FIREWORKS Loy Catong Festival

Photos (c) Don Charisma, taken in Thailand, Nov-2013

12 thoughts on “Firework Beach Pano, Loy Catong Festival

    1. Thanks Suz, I am, I like it … If I had a Canon or Nikon 50 megapixel DSLR with a bunch of lenses then I could do way better, but chances are I couldn’t be bothered with all the fiddling, reading manuals, setting up and carting the damn thing around … so I keep my ÂŁ5000 and spend a bit on a new iPhone or Nokia or Samsung phone when time is right …

      1. I have a Canon with other lenses but I still can’t take good firework photos. Probably because I struggle to understand the whole aperture vs shutter speed thing. And I couldn’t be bother lugging a tripod for those type of shots.

      2. I think some research into point and shoot cameras would probably yield a results. Reason I say this is that I met people in nightclubs who used to take very good photos on relatively cheap cameras … But I’m skint now so even relatively cheap camera isn’t on the shopping list !

  1. We had two nights of fireworks right in front of our apartment courtesy of the Merit Hotel near us and right on the beach. I just snapped away with my Lumix camera, got a night setting, and got great pics which I use in creating digital surreal art. Got a great pic of our four dogs huddled around my husband looking at the fireworks with their jaws dropping, like the front row in a cinema!

    1. Sounds awesome, I will probably get a better camera at some point, but have to be very careful for money at the moment, so just paying for “essentials” … The iphone night shots often come out grainy and the colours are often aweful, positive I’m getting lots of experience correcting them in PS !

      When will you post the firework pics ?

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